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Texas’ Weather Trending Active with Rain… and Snow?

Rain chances return to Texas today, with more widespread precipitation this weekend. Isolated to scattered showers are possible this morning across the western third of Texas. A few storms are possible this afternoon in the Panhandle and West Texas. We’ll see those chances spread into the eastern half of Texas by tonight through Friday. Not everyone will receive rainfall – this will be a hit-or-miss scenario. One-tenth to one-quarter inch of rain is possible out of the heavier showers. Severe storms (tornadoes, large hail, destructive winds) are unlikely. It will be windy, though. Temperatures will remain above average for February standards.

Rain chances will increase, with thunderstorms also becoming likely Friday night and Saturday across the southeastern half of Texas. A few stronger storms, with hail and gusty winds, are possible during this timeframe. One to two inches of rainfall are possible across the eastern third of Texas, with over one-tenth of an inch back west encompassing the eastern half of Texas.


Winter Mischief in the Panhandle & West Texas?

Across the Texas Panhandle and West Texas, the forecast is more murky and dependent on the track of an upper-level storm system. A winter mix (rain, wet snow) is possible for some locations in those two regions. If some colder model data solutions are verified, we may see modest snow accumulations on Saturday night and Sunday. Yet, it’s also quite possible that there’s hardly any snow whatsoever. As we transition into the short-range over the next two to three days, we’ll better understand any snow-mischief potential.

Active Weather Continues Next Week

Precipitation outlook for February 12-16 from the Climate Prediction Center shows above-average rain chances for Texas.

The Climate Prediction Center indicates we’ll remain in an unsettled weather pattern next week with below-average temperatures and above-average precipitation chances. We’re not anticipating an arctic airmass, but we may not be in the 70s and 80s. That being said, we’re not done with winter.


The temperature outlook for February 12-16 from the Climate Prediction Center shows below-average temperatures are probable next week across Texas. However, this appears to be a 'slightly cooler' versus a major arctic event.


One indicator for longer-term pattern changes we use is the North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO). That index shows signs of going strongly negative for the second half of February. Going negative would promote another cold-air intrusion into the Continental United States. Beyond that, who knows – but it does get cold during winter. (Yes, that’s common sense, but also a reminder that because False Spring has been around for two weeks, we’re not done with freezing temperatures yet).

David Reimer


  1. Jan White

    Anxious to get rose plants..I know..Just WAIT !

    • Jennifer Solomon

      Jan White you can plant roses any time of year. From October to March they should be bareroot. A good nursery can help you with that.

  2. Adrian Bollinger

    I ALmost planted seeds this week but I managed to hold off because I know my luck with planting to early. Lol

    • Virgie Noyola

      Adrian Bollinger same here. Just continued working on garden beds and such outside. I did start some seeds indoors to get a jump start for whenever we are in the clear of our last freeze.

    • Janice Berger

      Adrian Bollinger yep still to early. It’s faux spring rn. When the mesquite trees start to put leaves out you’re good for go. And my mesquite trees are still leafless.

    • Carissa Kluczynski

      Adrian Bollinger I just start my seeds indoors so when winter is ACTUALLY done they will be ready to go outside.

    • Adrian Bollinger

      Carissa if I had room I’d do that too 🙂

    • Patrick Teague

      Adrian Bollinger i haven’t started any seeds yet. Generally, the average last freeze is around March 15th.

  3. Pops McGee

    Ain’t buying it.

  4. Vickie Mott Adcock

    Wait ti after Easter, it’s always cold til then

    • Linda Pitts Workman

      Vickie Mott Adcock Easter is really early this year too, March I believe

    • Denise Eckhardt

      Linda Pitts Workman HI, I just googled it. Easter is March 31

    • Linda Pitts Workman

      Denise Eckhardt so, it could possibly still be chilly.

    • Denise Eckhardt

      Linda Pitts Workman Sure could

  5. Linda Pitts Workman

    No more freezing cold please or snow. Rain is good especially in Texas.

    • Javier Herrera

      Linda Pitts Workman why not, we’ve hardly had any winter weather in Texas this season

    • Lori Newtz

      please snow in Texas

    • Juliette Ashley

      Linda Pitts Workman snow ❄️ in Texas

    • Juliette Ashley

      Javier Herrera hello how are you doing??

  6. Steve Garrett

    Uri happened Feb 11th not out of the woods yet

  7. Mark Sarubbi

    Laurie Sarubbi

    • Juliette Ashley

      Mark Sarubbi hello text me a message

  8. Brett Stallings

    Evanne Stallings

  9. Md Koz

    It’s a trap. No spring plantings yet. With our luck, we’ll see a dozen tornadoes, ice, snow and a hurricane all before spring. 😆

  10. Jan Bedsole

    Please, please, please no snow in East TX…WE are ready for Spring

    • Juliette Ashley

      Jan Bedsole hello text me a message

  11. James Mitchell

    The the panhandle maybe. Not for N Tx

  12. Matt Quick

    Shame to see you using the same clickbait hype-graphics that someone else uses… his name rhymes with Cryin’ Tall.

  13. Debbie Rogers Hale

    I wish it would snow a foot. We need the moisture!

  14. Deborah Hensley

    Id gladly welcome thunderstorms but no snow please.

  15. Billy Jones

    I’ve seen it snow on Easter before

    • Tawna Tidwell

      Billy Jones same

  16. Heather Young

    Jonathan Young

  17. Teodoro Y Nora Valencia

    Ok look we will take the Thunderstorm 🌩️ and wind 💨 but snow ❄️ NO THANK YOU 😊 lol.. please no cold weather Texas is not for that or a least part of Texas lol.. 

  18. Gerard Flume

    Nooooooooo… i just start playing outdoor pickeball

  19. Brandy Wafer

    Had to mow mid-week. That was fun.

  20. Cheyenne Sky Donovan

    Lisa Mary Moran Julie Fitzgerald

  21. Jerrad Diaz

    Aniya Wyatt told you lol

  22. Susan Weaver

    Nooooo….I want summer!

    • Kathy Owens Rowland

      Susan Weaver we’ve been in the ‘false spring’, one more winter and then we’re done. (things I’ve learned in 5 years!)

  23. Marty Boss

    You’re no fun! 😂

  24. Kristi Bean Geiger

    Bring me a good snow with NO ice 🙏🏼

  25. Clint Rice

    North central Texas will choose to disagree on this one. Judging by our last “polar vortex”, we’ll be fine. Overhyped.

    • Juliette Ashley

      Clint Rice hello text me a message

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