Who we are?

Want to Know a little About us? Let us tell you.

Texas Storm Chasers came to life in early 2009. Two amateur storm chasers were looking for a domain name to showcase their (admittedly novice) storm chasing footage. After an exhaustive search, we elected to purchase the ‘TexasStormChasers’ domain. We wanted a few simple web pages to showcase our storm-chasing pictures and videos.

Our History

Let us tell you a short about our Journey

So, you want to learn more about us? Here are a few quick tidbits.

Trusted source for Texas weather information since 2009.
Reputable, dependable, and ethical in communicating weather information and storm-chasing content.

Meet our Fantastic Team

Texas Storm Chasers is a well known brand, but did you know there are many faces behind the brand? Meet our team of meteorologists and storm chasers!

David Reimer

Owner; Baldy-in-Chief

Jason Cooley

Director of Content; Meteorologist

Jenny Brown

Weather Writer; Storm Chaser

Chelsea Burnett

Public Speaker; Storm Chaser

Trey Greenwood


Meteorologist; Storm Chaser

Adam Lucio

Storm Chaser

Alex Bartholomew

Storm Chaser

Brett Wright

Storm Chaser

Stephen Jones

Storm Chaser

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