We began as a simple website meant to share our amateur storm chase videos. We’ve evolved into a brand that assists in the distribution life-saving weather information… and some pretty cool storm chasing content too.

Our Story

The birth of Texas Storm Chasers can be traced back to early 2009. Two amateur storm chasers were looking for a domain name to showcase their (admittedly novice) storm chasing footage. After an exhaustive search, we elected to purchase the ‘TexasStormChasers’ domain. We wanted a few simple web pages to showcase our storm chasing pictures and videos.

Fast forward to 2011 and we had a few years of chasing under our belts. Our social media channels had around twenty-five thousand combined followers. Our website infrastructure had changed from a simple FrontPage site to an equally simple WordPress blog. We had begun blogging about ongoing and upcoming potential hazardous weather the previous year. Those blogs were well received and were responsible in part for our growing social media presence.

If one had to define a specific event in our history, it would be the September 2011 wildfires. A weak tropical storm was making landfall in Louisiana. Texas was experiencing record warmth amidst a long-term exceptional drought. Being on the ‘dry’ side of the tropical system meant record heat combined with gusty north/northwest winds and explosively dry surface fuels. The result was the worst wildfire outbreak (in terms of destroyed structures) in Texas history. As the Bastrop Wildfire began in earnest with numerous other wildfires ongoing across the eastern half of Texas our social media channels became a bulletin-board of sorts for fire information. Folks aided in livestock evacuation, provided information on shelter locations, and coordinated relief supplies. That weekend resulted in 300% growth in our social media following. Some might say that is when the current ‘Texas Storm Chasers’ began.

In the years since we’ve aided in the dissemination of weather information ahead of high-impact events, ranging from floods and blizzards with a few tornado outbreaks mixed in. Our small family has grown and so have our product offerings. We continue to provide Texas weather information along with high-quality storm chasing content. Recent additions include scheduled speaking engagements, a free mobile app for smartphones, and live storm chasing videos.


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