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Potent Cold Front Arriving in Texas on New Years Eve

This will be the final voyage of the Texas Weather Roundup… for 2023! Worry not; we’ll be back to ring in 2024 on Monday! We’ll experience a decent warmup across most of Texas on Saturday and, technically, Sunday before the cold front rings in the New Year with strong northwest winds.

Texas surface temperatures on New Years Eve as a strong front pushes south.

Texas surface temperatures on New Year’s Eve as a strong front pushes south. Times are in eastern on the top-right of the graphic, and data comes from the North American Model (NAM). Our mobile app users will need to click on the image/? to view the animation.

Rain chances for the eastern quarter of Texas Sunday evening have decreased. We may see a few sprinkles, but measurable rain chances have diminished. However, a strong cold front will bring falling temperatures and northwest winds to the northern two-thirds of Texas by the time we hit midnight Monday. Plan on having a coat with you since temperatures drop quickly from the 50s, 60s, and 70s down into the 40s. The northern half of Texas will drop into the 20s and 30s Monday morning, with wind chills in the 10s and 20s.


Monday and Tuesday will be cool across the majority of Texas. A strong upper-level storm system will arrive Tuesday afternoon in Far West Texas and move east across the state Tuesday night before exiting to our east Wednesday afternoon. Scattered to numerous showers and thunderstorms are possible across the eastern third to the eastern half of Texas. We may see one-half to two inches of rainfall – subject to shifts in forecast data over the weekend. Precipitation is also possible across the Texas Panhandle Tuesday night into Wednesday morning.

American Global Forecast System (GFS) simulated weather model radar data Tuesday night through Wednesday night across Texas.

American Global Forecast System (GFS) simulated weather model radar data Tuesday night through Wednesday night across Texas. Mobile app users will need to click the image/? to view the animation.

Depending on the track of our storm system, temperatures may be cold enough to support winter mischief (rain and snow). We’ll be watching data over the weekend. Mother Nature looks to keep us on our toes as we head into the second half of next week and the second week of January with colder and potentially wet weather. It’s bound to act like winter sometime in January or February, so you best plan on it. Beyond that vague expectation, it’s up to Mother Nature what kind of mischief we deal with before spring arrives.

David Reimer


  1. Arii R Johnson

    As long as it’s no snow again I’m good

    • Texas Storm Chasers

      Arii R Johnson We shall see

  2. Brenda Hammett

    No thank you

  3. Leo Del Real

    If that’s the face of mostly dry weather, I believe you….

  4. Leo Del Real

    That’s not a face of a strong cold front!

  5. Max Madsen

    Lows in the 20’s and highs mid 40’s to low 50’s according to NWS US National Weather Service Amarillo Texas

    • Texas Storm Chasers

      Max Madsen Probably!

  6. David Schumann

    You can tell Texas felt more like Christmas compared to South Carolina when I got back yesterday they were just rainy and 60 hard rain on Tuesday it didn’t get below 60 actually even at night they can be cold there sometimes believe it or not.

    • Texas Storm Chasers

      David Schumann yea it got chilly just in time for Christmas. Same kind of thing is happening for New Years Day but even colder

  7. Forrest Stumberg

    29 down here in Southwest Texas

    • Texas Storm Chasers

      Forrest Stumberg Crisp!

  8. Nancy Wroblewski

    When are we going to get snow ⛄️

    • Sserugo Marvin

      Nancy Wroblewski Am taking care of 30 stray dogs in Uganda , hope you can understand 🙏 we are going through hard times for now , we ran out of food for all the kids and we aren’t sure how long we can last 😭 , your help will enable us to buy food and water for these poor dogs 🙏

    • Jared Thomas

      Nancy Wroblewski never!

    • Robbie Epperson

      Sserugo Marvin save yourselves!! Eat the dogs.

    • Texas Storm Chasers

      Nancy Wroblewski maybe just maybe you might be in luck a week into January in the Panhandle. We will see.

    • Scott Dunlap

      Nancy Wroblewski I hope never!

  9. LeiLani Martinez

    Ricky Martinez

  10. Ginger Reid-Schuelke

    It was 28 here in Annona at 8 this morning. Even colder,??

    • Texas Storm Chasers

      Ginger Reid-Schuelke Most likely, yes!

  11. Cheryl Davis Hall

    Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

  12. Arie Arzola

    Beckyy Arzola I knew it 😭

    • Beckyy Arzola

      Arie Arzola well shit I feel like we already have a cold front lol it’s cold asf outside how much colder is it going to get 🤦🏽‍♀️

    • Arie Arzola

      Beckyy Arzola really cold 😭

    • Beckyy Arzola

      I know baby

  13. Rafael Martinez

    Roberto Mel

  14. Whitney Wright

    Danny Wright

  15. Mindy Darby Travis

    What’s this mean for midland /stanton area

  16. Mark Dudley

    Happy dance time!

  17. Jere Tucker

    Good ! Now all I want is some good old sleet and snow!! And Ice ….

    • Scott Dunlap

      Jere Tucker
      Please put the pipe down and back away slowly!

    • Jere Tucker

      Scott Dunlap always one in the crowd!

  18. Lori Newtz

    hi will it snow in houston and gaveston texas for new years eve or new years day

    • Texas Storm Chasers

      Lori Newtz Nope

    • Lori Newtz

      please could yall let it come to houston and galveston tx

    • Scott Dunlap

      Lori Newtz no

  19. Arlene Kossakowski

    Thanks for the warning!

  20. Robert Ortega

    Maybe it’ll have some snow just enough to play in. About 2 ft. should do it.😃

  21. Patrick Onezine

    Houston Texas dry and 🔥🥵 Houston Texas 😎 Blinglyy Blinglyy weather Sun shining 🌟 haven’t seen Rain yet since may 2023 106/109/ now in the morning 🙏❤️🌄 80 ish

  22. Susan Boehmer Eckles

    I am so old, weather never effects my NYE plans😂

  23. Adriana Robles

    Gracias ❄🌨🍃🥶

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