As of 1:30 AM this morning we’re monitoring a squall line extending from west of Crowell south to Lueders to Abilene to just east of San Angelo to Eldorado to 30 miles northwest of Del Rio. This squall line is generally moving east at 40 to 50 MPH. The most noteworthy aspect of the line is between Abilene and Albany. That portion of the squall line has begun to ‘bow out’ in the last 45 minutes, resulting in an enhanced threat of 70-80 MPH wind gusts.

We’ll have to see how that section of the line behaves over the next hour. If it continues to bow out and surge, we may see a few brief tornadoes from the apex of the bow to the northwest, while an enhanced threat of destructive winds occurs in the proximity of the bow’s apex. We expect the squall line will continue producing 50-70 MPH winds as it enters Northwest Texas and western North Texas over the next one to two hours. Brief tornadoes are possible. The line of storms should be moving into the D/FW metroplex between 4:30 AM and 6:30 AM – and moving out by 8 AM.

A few reports…

54 MPH wind gust in San Angelo with the squall line.

Sweetwater reported a 71 MPH gust as the squall line rolled through around 12:30 AM. Some incidents on I-20 have been reported due to the strong wind.

Trailers were rolled over in Snyder. The fire department is conducting rescue operations.

A 61 MPH wind gust was measured southwest of Guthrie at 12:45 AM.