It’s a cold and gloomy night across the eastern two-thirds of Texas. Liquid rain, at times mixed with sleet, continues to fall from South-Central Texas into North and Northeast Texas. Temperatures are chilly with a shallow arctic airmass still in place across all of Texas. A few thousand feet up temperatures actually rise into the 40s. Southeast winds will continue tonight and most locations are already sitting near their low temperatures and won’t move much more tonight. Even though surface temperatures are in the mid 30s across most of Texas we’re not concerned for winter accumulations tonight. A few spots may end up dropping down to 32F which could cause a few icy elevated surfaces but we typically need to see temperatures below 29-30F for ice accumulation on surface roads. A Winter Weather Advisory is in effect for extreme Northeast Texas tonight where surface temperatures could fall to 31-32F and result in a few icy bridges but overall little impacts are expected anywhere tonight from winter precipitation. Here’s what we believe the radar will look like around 3 AM CST on Sunday as precipitation continues to move northeast.