* The first batch of precipitation is now moving northeast across the Hill Country and western Central Texas. It extends from Brady and Junction east to Kerrville and Marble Falls. Ground reports indicate this precipitation is falling as rain or a rain/sleet mixture. Temperatures across Central Texas remain above freezing but if temperatures fall to freezing than there will definitely be concern for light icing on elevated surfaces.

* A second batch of precipitation will cross into Texas near Del Rio and Eagle Pass from Mexico over the next 30 minutes. This area of precipitation is also moving northeast and like the first round should be a rain/sleet mixture. Likewise if your location falls to freezing than it could certainly deposit a thin layer of ice on elevated surfaces. The first round did cause some ice to accumulate on items like cars and decks but I have not heard about any travel issues. Temperatures are slowly falling and thus we could still see some issues develop this morning. Remember it only takes 0.01″ of ice on a bridge to make it slick.

* We have heard reports of sleet falling in Deep South Texas this morning but temperatures are well above freezing and no accumulations are expected.