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Get Ready For A Big Freeze, Texas!

The following two days will feature warmer weather across most of Texas. Enjoy it, and use that time to prepare for a significant cold weather event – the big freeze arrives this weekend into early next week. Preparations that require advance notice, such as wrapping pipes and moving plants, should begin.

We’ll see gusty winds this morning into early this afternoon before they calm down by sunset. Thursday will be windy across Texas, with the strongest winds arriving behind a cold front that’ll progress east across Texas Thursday afternoon through Friday morning. Wind gusts across the western third of Texas may exceed 55 MPH, with 40 to 50 MPH gusts in the eastern two-thirds of Texas Thursday night into Friday.

Our office intern after the creation of this weather forecast. It isn't the dog days of summer, but I like her style.

Our office intern after the creation of this weather forecast. It isn’t the dog days of summer, but I like her style.

More snow for the Panhandle

Snow showers or snow squalls are possible in the Texas Panhandle Thursday evening. Where pockets of moderate to heavy snow develop, we could see one to three inches of new snowfall. Like a few days ago, the highest chance for this will be along and north of Interstate 40 in the Panhandle. Strong winds would create blowing snow and near-blizzard conditions… again.

Severe Thunderstorm Threat Late Tomorrow

Isolated to scattered severe thunderstorms are possible late Thursday night into Friday morning across North Texas, Northeast Texas, and East Texas. Damaging winds and spin-up tornadoes are the main threat.

Scattered thunderstorms are possible between 10 PM Thursday and 6 AM Friday along and east of Interstate 35 from the Red River south to Austin – east to Arkansas and Louisiana. The eastward-moving cold front will cause thunderstorm chances. Some thunderstorms may become strong to severe with localized damaging wind gusts, pocket-change size hail, and a non-zero threat of spinup tornadoes. A low threat for more isolated supercell thunderstorms ahead of the cold front exists early Friday morning in the Ark-La-Tex and East Texas. While not likely, if this scenario unfolds – the threat of tornadoes would increase. This will be a completely nocturnal (overnight) event. We’ll update you on the latest trends and the forecast as we head into tomorrow night. Precipitation chances will end in Texas on Friday morning.

Friday afternoon through Saturday morning look like a lull for Texas, though colder air will filter into the northern half of Texas. It’ll be frigid in the Texas Panhandle. This will not be our arctic cold front. That begins to arrive in the Panhandle Saturday afternoon.

Big Freeze in Texas Saturday-Tuesday

Forecast low temperatures Monday morning across Texas. Nearly the entire state will be below freezing.

Forecast low temperatures Monday morning across Texas. Nearly the entire state will be below freezing.

Monday's High Temperature Forecast for Texas

Monday’s High-Temperature Forecast for Texas

Forecast low temperatures Tuesday morning across Texas. All of the state will be below freezing.

Forecast low temperatures Tuesday morning across Texas. All of the state will be below freezing.

Tuesday's High Temperature Forecast for Texas

Tuesday’s High-Temperature Forecast for Texas

About an 18-hour time difference remains between the fastest and slowest weather models regarding the arctic cold front’s arrival this weekend. I’m betting on a speedier progression, with the northern third of Texas on Saturday night and the remainder of Texas on Sunday. There will be a thirty-five to fifty-degree temperature drop, with brutal wind chills. The northern third of Texas should prepare for sub-freezing temperatures from Saturday night through Tuesday afternoon. Some locations in Texoma and the Ark-La-Tex may remain below freezing until Wednesday.

All of Texas will experience a freeze on Monday morning and Tuesday morning. Temperatures will fall below zero in the Texas Panhandle Monday and Tuesday mornings. Wind chill temperatures will be fifteen to twenty-five degrees below zero. Single-digit low temperatures are expected along and north of Interstate 20 from the Permian Basin east through West Texas, Northwest Texas, the Big Country, Texoma, North Texas, and Northeast Texas Monday and Tuesday morning. Temperatures into the teens will likely be near Interstate 10 by Tuesday morning.

Snow on Monday?

There is some chance (20-30%) for winter precipitation on Monday in Texoma, North Texas and Northeast Texas. While we have high confidence in a cold air outbreak across Texas, confidence in winter precipitation early next week is much lower – and will depend on the track of upper-level storm systems. We will not have a repeat of February 2021, where we had snow/ice accumulations across the entire state. Nor will we remain below freezing for a week. Temperatures will also not approach the February 2021 disaster. However, it will be very cold and dangerous to those without access to heat and shelter. We’ll begin warming back up starting Tuesday.

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  1. Linda Pitts Workman

    Cassandra Copeland Rumble

  2. Monica Henderson

    That’s what they keep saying but haven’t seen it.

    • Sue Blank

      Monica Henderson next week

    • Texas Storm Chasers

      Monica Henderson Sunday will feature a strong cold front

  3. Reagan Dorsett Owen

    Jim Owen

  4. Veronica Maria M. Flores

    January in tx
    Huge shock🙄
    So over the hype

    • Texas Storm Chasers

      Veronica Maria M. Flores We do the cold thing every year. It will be the coldest air in North Texas since Christmas 2022.

    • Barbara Daniel Lofton

      Texas Storm Chasers I remember

    • Veronica Maria M. Flores

      Texas Storm Chasers definitely something we shouldnt rule out for each yr🤷🏼‍♀️

    • Jay Cox

      Veronica Maria M. Flores What hype?

    • Shirley Ford

      Texas Storm Chasers AND don’t forget, just in time for the stock show, lol

    • AC Hale

      Jay Cox The “OMG it’s a polar vortex icemaggedon 2021 all over again omg wth” hype 🙂

    • Greg Mosier

      Veronica Maria M. Flores Don’t worry everyone will be complaining how it’s the hottest weather on record in about 7 months.

    • Ravens Moon Fòlkvangr

      AC Hale they will still shut off our power

    • Ravens Moon Fòlkvangr

      Greg Mosier more like two months

    • Malisa Watt

      Veronica Maria M. Flores then stop following this page 🙄

  5. Kim Loucks

    And keep your pets indoors!!!!!

    • AC Hale

      Kim Loucks Or at least give them a warm place to stay outside. My wife’s goats and geese aren’t coming in.

    • Kim Loucks

      AC Hale yes I was speaking about pets not farm animals but yes they need a warm place too.

    • AC Hale

      Kim Loucks “Pet” is a broad definition 🙂 . Our large dogs love this weather but we make sure they have access to shelter out of the wind.

    • Kim Loucks

      AC Hale yeah I guess so but if I had dogs they’d be in my house I don’t leave dogs outside especially in bad weather but as long as they’re warm that’s all that matters..

    • Terri Sawyer

      Kim Loucks my dogs are farm animals. They stay outside with all the farm pets!

    • Kim Loucks

      Terri Sawyer yeah I guess I don’t understand that concept of leaving dogs outside I guess if they have a warm place like I said that’s all that matters.

    • Terri Sawyer

      Kim Loucks dogs are animals just like any other animal. They have warm shelter but are always out protecting their territory.

    • AC Hale

      Terri Sawyer Exactly. They’re adapted to survive outside. No one’s mentions anything about the coyotes, wild pigs, or deer when it gets cold. Why would a dwarf goat be less cold than a large Pyrenees dog?

    • AC Hale

      Deej Deej Cold weather and farm animals exist outside of Texas. Don’t stereotype. We have concern. So we make sure they have a warm place to seek shelter, food, and water. Some dogs and cats belong outside. Since you’re so concerned, why are you not also concerned about wild dogs like coyotes or wild cats like bobcats? Seems hypocritical to cry over one group of animals and not equivalent species of another. Laugh at this and put frowny emojis wherever you want to though….

    • Terri Sawyer

      AC Hale I do not get it either. Outside dogs grow a winter coat, just like all the other animals.

    • Kim Loucks

      Deej Deej not true

  6. Michelle Stocking

    I’m more concerned with the severe weather threat here in Central East Texas tomorrow night. I’ll take feet of snow over the severe weather.

    • Sherri Ohara

      Michelle Stocking severe weather? Where at

    • Michelle Stocking

      Sherri Ohara most of East Texas is under a 2 of 5 risk for severe weather.

    • Ravens Moon Fòlkvangr

      Michelle Stocking that’s all of Texas during the four months of death storms we get

  7. Barbara Coleman

    Do we hafto?

  8. Jodi Lawson Harris

    Jeffrey Harris

  9. Eshita Shah

    Will you have more updates for the storm that’s coming to DFW on Monday

    • AC Hale

      Eshita Shah He basically said there isn’t a “storm”

    • Eshita Shah

      AC Hale oh really! It says it’s going to snow

    • AC Hale

      Eshita Shah Possible snow, but not a storm. There’s a difference. He’s said it won’t be the mess that 2021 was.

    • Eshita Shah

      AC Hale oh that’s good. I was a little worried. Thank you

  10. Alana Moncada

    Thank you for this detailed update!

  11. Kathy Cortopassi

    Sam Cortopassi, Joe Cortopassi, Joe Cortopassi, Cortney Cortopassi

  12. Elizabeth Martinez

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  13. Sherri Ohara

    Better start making preparations now. We own a water well business in Tx. Ppl don’t heat tape or put heat ie heat lamp bulb in their well houses hence the pvc etc freezes and breaks. Prepare now

  14. Sherri Ohara

    Go buy u a Mr Buddy and the propane now in case of power failure.

    • Ravens Moon Fòlkvangr

      Sherri Ohara can’t run that inside

    • Sherri Ohara

      Ravens Moon Fòlkvangr we do no problem but we were using the little green btls

    • Tracy Gand

      Ravens Moon Fòlkvangr they make ones for indoor outdoor use. Must have increased fresh air though.

  15. Terry Goodman

    *Not valid in El Paso. 🙄

    • Texas Storm Chasers

      Terry Goodman When is it ever 🤣

    • Terry Goodman

      Texas Storm Chasers right? It’s pathetic.

    • Ravens Moon Fòlkvangr

      Terry Goodman El Paso is a desert. Central Texas is turning into one also

  16. Debbie Willeford

    I’m just concerned about driving back from the Houston area back to Pittsburg Monday morning.

  17. Lee Ann Ogden

    Houston would like an opt out feature!

  18. Ravens Moon Fòlkvangr

    How many days of 40-55mph winds are we looking at?

  19. Janet Savage

    ERCOT says grid should be OK. 20% chance of issue. ONCOR users need to be prepared for loss of power. That occurs regularly in winter and summer. Turn heat down, decrease electricity after 9pm., increase about 8am, whenever someone gets up.

  20. Sophia Potter-Gellman

    I’ll take cold weather over winds! All my neighbors lost roofing! My daughter just roofed our coop and we didn’t lose a single shingle! I did adopt 3 feral cats though….cold weather makes a full house 😆

  21. Aretha Thornton

    This is when you question being a home owner….👀

  22. Jody Harris


  23. Melissa Pelkey-Wiggins

    Thank you for the updates ⭐

  24. Charlie Ho

    I’m ready bring it on…

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