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#FalseSpring continues across Texas until Thursday

The final days of January will continue to be dominated by #FalseSpring across Texas. Fog will become an issue Wednesday morning across the Lower Texas Coast and Coastal Bend. Spotty fog will also be possible elsewhere in Texas, but it won’t be a repeat of last week’s fogageddon. Dry weather will persist through Thursday, with afternoon temperatures in the 60s, 70s, and 80s.

Our next weather-maker will bring rain chances to the eastern two-thirds of Texas beginning Friday afternoon. Heavy rain will be possible Friday night through Saturday morning across the eastern half of Texas. Winter weather lovers will despair as our warm weather precludes any slicky-slicky-doom-doom potential. We will have to monitor for a few stronger storms with hail.


Forecast rain totals Friday morning through Sunday morning across Texas. The heaviest rains will be across the eastern third of Texas.

Our Friday and Saturday system may bring one to three inches of rain across the eastern third of Texas. Lighter amounts are expected west of Interstate 35. Saturated soils from last week’s heavy rains mean we must watch for some high water issues. Most rains will move out of Texas by Saturday night, but some light showers may stick around into Sunday (timing dependent on the upper-level storm system).

A cool front will arrive on the back side of Saturday’s system. That front will knock temperatures back down toward early February norms, but we will tend to remain warm. No big arctic outbreaks are expected in Texas for the first week of February.

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David Reimer


  1. Diana MB

    I’m not ready for spring. We barely had winter 😞

  2. Julie Rei

    Do you see any freezing weather happening during February? Groundhog Day is happening this week! I am going to guess 6 more weeks of Winter! Which I would love because the severe heat we got last summer and I expect will happen this summer will be here before we know it.

    • Robin Bupp

      we always get a freeze mid February

    • Julie Rei

      Robin Bupp that’s false. We had 0 freezes last year.

    • Texas Storm Chasers

      Julie Rei It is unlikely we’re done with winter. Quite a bit of cold air is building up in Alaska and the Northwest Territories again. At some point, that’ll dislodge and move south. It may not be until the second half of February, though.

    • Julie Rei

      Texas Storm Chasers ok thank you! Oddly my oldest lives in Wasilla Alaska and it’s -21 this week at the coldest! Thank you for replying!

    • Sunshine Anmw

      Julie Rei Welp. Fort Worth sure did. Pipes froze under ground. Had no water for a couple days.

    • Michelle Bean

      Julie Rei we had a flash freeze in canton last year. Our spigot busted and everything froze.

    • Tonya Megyesi

      Julie Rei we had a freeze that finished off two of my plants that I had remembered to cover for every freeze the past 3 years… except that one.

    • Julie Rei

      Tonya Megyesi we had 0 freezes in 2023. Sorry!

    • Julie Rei

      Michelle Bean so in Harris County there were 0 freezes in 2023. Period.

    • Julie Rei

      Sunshine Anmw welp I don’t live in Ft Worth. Houston saw no freezes in 2023. We do not all get a freeze every Feb.

    • Memory Scott

      Julie Rei it depends on where we live in Texas. I’m up N. on the Red River (Oklahoma border). Many days every year in January and February are below freezing. Houston is a zone 9a for planting…we are a zone 7a.

    • Tonya Megyesi

      Julie Rei “we” = Texas, not Harris County, as far as anyone here would expect. I mean, this is Texas Storm Chasers’ page. Being +860 miles across in either direction, Texas encompasses a lot of weather.

    • Julie Rei

      Tonya Megyesi and I asked a question of the op and my responses deal with me. I am not concerned with last year and other counties.

    • Julie Rei

      Memory Scott yep I asked a question of the page and only am concerned with the facts of where I live. Southern Oklahoma ie North Texas is not on my radar.

    • Julie Rei

      So claiming that WE meaning all of Texas sees a freeze each Feb would be false.

    • Memory Scott

      Julie Rei my point was specifics. We didn’t know where you lived from your original post…you mentioned Houston later.

    • Sunshine Anmw

      Julie Rei Your spicy. I was unaware that you were in Houston. I hope you enjoy your evening and continue the warm weather.

    • Julie Rei

      Sunshine Anmw lmao nothing I asked the OP required my location. And the comment it always freezes in Feb would never apply to all of Texas. If being direct and honest is spicy they I suppose I am.

    • Sunshine Anmw

      Julie Rei I love that you are spicy. Wanna be friends 😁

  3. Marilee Polidoro

    Can’t wait to see all the people at hone depot buying seedlings

    • Debbie Rogers Hale

      Marilee Polidoro and then act shocked and disappointed when the they don’t make it.

  4. Doris Carroll

    Love the springy weather

  5. Jan White

    I’m fine with ‘false’ spring ,at least I got to open the doors and windows,, fresh air.

  6. Ginger Reid-Schuelke

    Love it while you have it!

  7. Ruth Davis Tidwell

    that’s ok.. we’ll take it.. it’s a nice little break

  8. Elizabeth Cotten Specht

    It’s the beginning of the heat again. Another very hot summer coming again.

    • Jaxon Heath

      Elizabeth Cotten Specht no

    • Scott Williams

      Elizabeth Cotten Specht Good post; I love it🌺🌹.🤩 Impressive too😘. I must confess that your profile always makes my day colorful, whenever I visit.🌺🌹 May God bless you for this and give you a thousand inspirations for more sweet posts. I🙏🙏 wish you could add me as a friend so I can have a brighter day

  9. Pam Spencer

    I’m loving it. Winter be gone.

  10. Judy Askew

    And I hope if the plants start to bloom they won’t die when winter comes back .

  11. Judy Askew

    A break from the cold is always a welcome

  12. Jeremy Holderness

    Yall ready for snow in TX 2nd wk into 3rd wk of Feb? Look at the west coast, it’s coming

    • Michelle Browning

      Jeremy Holderness If I wanted snow/ice I’d go back to that land far far away that I came from long ago!

    • Debbie Rogers Hale

      Jeremy Holderness, if it’s moisture, I’ll take it. The more the better.

    • Angela Nelson

      Jeremy Holderness How are you doing today! I’m Angela and I would love to know more about you . Can you send a friend request or send a text on messenger so we could talk and know each better . Thank you.

  13. Ashlee Dragoo

    Bring on Spring!!! Please a Spring and then Summer I wanna be able to have my doors open and windows raised this year.

  14. Lisa Kim McCown

    I’m hoping we see more cold weather here in southwest Louisiana. I love the cold. Especially after our brutal summer.

  15. Tonya Megyesi

    Me outside trying to convince my redbud to go back to sleep.

  16. David Arredondo

    If it freezes just fly to to Cancun.

    • Cathie Thiry

      David Arredondo Remember that do ya, me too!

    • Angela Nelson

      David Arredondo How are you doing today! I’m Angela and I would love to know more about you . Can you send a friend request or send a text on messenger so we could talk and know each better . Thank you.

  17. William Gerstenmeier

    Hopefully this false spring will wake up the crawdads in Louisiana. Need them for the real spring boils!

  18. Steven Swinney

    Indian Summer

  19. Thomas Hallman

    will outdoor weekend be ruined by this here damn el ninp i mean el nino i hope not hoss

  20. Janet Savage

    Canadian friends loading up on firewood for next Arctic front, and food, favorite beverage.

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