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Dynamic weather pattern for Texas into Next Week

The weather across Texas and much of the United States over the next week can be described as busy. An active weather pattern is taking shape, with storm systems impacting Texas weather every two to three days. Each system will be able to bring rain, storms, and even snow to parts of Texas. That does not mean we’ll be dealing with high-impact weather with each system, but we will burn the midnight oil to keep up.

Storm System #1

Our first storm system arrives today, bringing rain chances to the eastern half of Texas this afternoon through Wednesday morning. A few storms are probable, but severe weather in the form of large hail, damaging winds, and spinny-spinny doom doom is unlikely. That won’t be the case just off the Southeast Texas coast in the Gulf of Mexico.


Rainfall amounts of one-quarter to three-quarters of an inch are expected across Central Texas, the Brazos Valley, Southeast Texas, East Texas, and the Golden Triangle with the first system. Localized rainfall amounts over one inch are possible. These rain totals shouldn’t be heavy enough to cause flash flooding. The usual ponding on roads and faster-running streams are probable.

Storm System #2

A second upper-level storm system arrives on Thursday and Friday. This second system will be a bit stronger than the first. Showers and thunderstorms are expected across the eastern half of Texas. We may see a few strong storms in Southeast Texas and the Golden Triangle. Rain may mix with or change to snow on the backside/cold side of the system across the northern Texas Panhandle.

There is potential for some winter weather impacts Thursday through Thursday night, with the better potential in the far northwest combined Texas and Oklahoma Panhandles.

Minor snow accumulations are possible across the northern Texas Panhandle. Heavier snow accumulations can’t be ruled out north of Interstate 40 if the system tracks further south or slows down a bit.


Forecast rain totals over the next five days across Texas

Rainfall from the first two storm systems will result in one to three inches of rain across the eastern third of Texas by Saturday. Precipitation totals will be lighter further west and north. Isolated flooding may be the result on Friday across Southeast Texas and East Texas. Widespread flooding is unlikely. Most rain from System 2 will exit Texas by late Saturday morning.

Weekend Weather

Most of the state will enjoy a lull in active weather over the weekend. A quick-hitting system may produce light snow in the Texas Panhandle from Saturday night into Sunday night. It is not a guarantee, and in our very active Jetstream pattern aloft, these smaller, quick-hitting systems are difficult to pick out.

Storm System #3

A third storm system will arrive on Monday and Tuesday. While we’re still a week out, this one has been showing up in weather-model voodoo land for quite a while. Specifics will determine the eventual outcome of our weather, but hazards could range from severe storms and heavy rain across the eastern half of Texas to a windstorm and snow in the Panhandle and West Texas. Let’s get through our first couple of systems before we venture too much out into the extended. It looks like we’ll remain busy into the second week of January.

Over the next five days, temperatures will remain cool across the northern two-thirds of Texas, with highs in the 30s, 40s, and 50s. Deep South Texas and the Rio Grande Valley will be the place for warm-weather fans, with high temperatures in the 70s most days. A more pronounced warmup will occur this weekend across most of Texas, with 80s in Deep South Texas by Sunday and Monday.

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  1. Kim Loucks

    Winter just got here and I hate it already

    • Diane Inga Gilbert

      Kim Loucks I’m with you!!

    • Lisa Garcia

      Kim Loucks I always say that. Winter does not really begin in December lol. To me, personally..February is the coldest month. Fml 😂

    • Becca Ann Aguilar

      Kim Loucks I’m with you

  2. Mary Chris Anders


  3. Mary Chris Anders

    Love my Texas!!❤

  4. James Blackwell

    We need some substantial rainfall in the texas hill country.

  5. Ashley Morgan Ennis

    We don’t say snow.. that’s a dirty word lol

    • Sandi Argo

      Ashley Morgan Ennis AGREE!!

    • Ken Williams

      Ashley Morgan Ennis It’s a scary word for Texans.

  6. Angela Raihala Ward

    Spinny spinny doom doom is my favorite

    • Kim Ratliff

      Angela Raihala Ward that part had me rolling this morning 🤣

    • Shawn Renee Graham

      Angela Raihala Ward same here

  7. Kelly Davis Appice

    No hail!!!!

  8. Sandi Argo

    Texas: the Australia of weather …

  9. Marilyn Watson Taylor

    Yeah right. Never get it right.

    • Texas Storm Chasers

      Marilyn Watson Taylor Even a broken clock is right once or twice a day… <3

  10. Tyler Wilson

    Lacey Goodman Wilson

  11. Jason Conn Fishing

    Bring it !!

  12. Ken Williams

    Shirley Williams

  13. Colette Garcia Kerns

    Anything in the hill country?! We need it bad!

    • Emily Reaux

      Jean Gaines yay, rain🙄

    • Jean Gaines

      Emily Reaux maybe snow 🤦🏻‍♀️hopefully! Fingers crossed!! 😂😂

  14. Donica Ashabranner

    Except west tx lol

  15. Jeff Clinton

    You guys do a great job!

  16. Becca Ann Aguilar

    Please no snow

  17. Deej Deej

    rain is good, but please no snow

  18. Sunshine Anmw

    Yes ! Snow. Please elaborate 😁

  19. Paul Meyer

    Welcome, winter. Finally.

  20. Patsy Watson Smart

    We have thunder and rain as I write! Way to go 2024!

  21. LeiLani Martinez

    Ricky Martinez

  22. April Vincent Rains

    Stormie Work

  23. Melissa Vrabel

    Don’t want snow. Send it back, please 🙏

  24. Jessica Duncan

    Does anyone else see a fist in this image?

    • Jan Bedsole

      Jessica Duncan –Not sure whether to go with ‘fist’ or Pinocchio

    • Lesley Lunt

      Jessica Duncan – not only a fist, but a large, muscular arm

  25. Marcella Kay Fritz Stafford

    On Galveston Bay, lots of wind, rain, and thunder and lightning.

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