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Texas: Severe Storms Tomorrow; Rain & Much Cooler by Saturday

Texas’s hot weather will end this weekend as a cold front brings widespread rain and much cooler temperatures. However, we’ve got to get through a potentially rowdy round of thunderstorms on Thursday.

Through 9 p.m., isolated thunderstorms will remain possible in the Concho Valley, Hill Country, and western North Texas. More likely than not, a quiet evening weather-wise is in store for Texas. Scattered thunderstorms are expected after 3 PM Thursday as a cool front moves southeast across the Ark-La-Tex, North Texas, Central Texas, Hill Country, into the Edwards Plateau and Rio Grande Plains. Some storms will likely be severe, with large hail up to the size of tennis balls, localized damaging wind gusts over 65 MPH, and very heavy rain.


Storms will only move south/southeast at 10 to 25 MPH – similar to some of our summer-time storms. We expect storms to start decreasing in both intensity and coverage by mid-evening. Thursday Night through Friday afternoon should be mostly dry.

Wet Weather Friday Night & Saturday

Widespread showers and thunderstorms are expected across the northern two-thirds of Texas Friday Night through Sunday Morning. The severe thunderstorm threat (hail, wind, spinny-spinny doom-doom) is low, as this will be a ‘rain-maker’ versus a ‘throw softball-sized ice chunks at expensive stuff event’. One to four inches of rain may fall from parts of the Edwards Plateau northeast through the Hill Country, Central Texas, Brazos Valley, North Texas, and Northeast Texas. Flooding may become an issue during the day on Saturday.

Much Cooler This Weekend

Temperatures will be much cooler across the northern 75% of Texas on Saturday, thanks to the cool front and all the rain. Rain chances look to decrease after Sunday morning, with clouds holding tough across most of Texas. Sunday will feature high temperatures in the 50s, 60s, to lower 70s across most of Texas – with maybe an 80-degree reading in El Paso and in the Rio Grande Valley. That will keep Texas 20 to 30 degrees cooler Sunday afternoon than today or tomorrow. Monday morning will have a bit of chill, with temperatures down into the 40s for the northern two-thirds of Texas and 50s for the southern third of the state.

Useful Links

FREE WEATHER APP: https://Texasweather.app/
WEB/RADAR: https://www.texasstormchasers.com
SOCIAL PLATFORMS: https://linktr.ee/texasstormchasers

The 24/7 Texas weather tracker & music: https://youtube.com/live/iCcMm0kacI4



David Reimer


  1. @rachelolvera9435

    Will it hit San Antonio today?

    • @RepentfollowJesus

      No but foggy later on.

  2. @denisekoltys3019

    Oh yeah!! So glad your here to tell us what’s going on in Texas.

  3. @ridgerunner9072

    Baldy is the bomb

    • @opensource614

      Best weather head ever I support you with likes Dave I know you read these.

  4. @cosmogirl8713

    Let’s get this cooler weather and rain going..😂🎉

  5. @ridgerunner9072

    Yeeeeeehaw 😮

  6. @goldrusher7554

    Thanks, David!!

  7. @catwashere413

    Hmm, maybe this time! ☔

  8. @sheliajennings3402

    Thanks David!

  9. @starsruul6202

    Well I love your show, but if you would get those clouds off the map it would be a lot easier to see where the rain is going to be

  10. @Sassycowgirl17

    Love the TWR daily ! 😊

  11. @Ash-qg2rf

    Thank you! Praying for some gully washers in western Concho valley!

  12. @kamoodle5

    It wasn’t fun tending to my garden at 70 dew point earlier today, and it wasn’t even that warm thanks to some breezes. Those Monday lows would feel like heaven right now.

  13. @xxtoptigerxx8758

    Man this weather is really trying to get me sick lol

    • @RepentfollowJesus

      Vitamin C 5,000 mg. D3 with K2. 5,000 iu of d3. And 30 to 50 mg of zinc with your C. Drop the zinc to twice a week when you feel better.

  14. @RepentfollowJesus

    Yesssssss! 40s!!! Bring it on 😊❤

  15. @peachesfelber9776

    Thanks for the forecast!!

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