Temperatures for the last three days of the work week will feel very Spring-like with highs on Friday ranging from the 60s to the upper 70s…and lots of folks running around in t-shorts, shorts and flip flops!  But all that will come to an abrupt halt late Friday into early Saturday when a strong Arctic front will barrel through the state reminding us that we are still very much in the depths of Winter.  Rain chances will increase Friday and Friday night ahead of the front but should all move out before the arrival of any subfreezing air which will mean little chance of wintry weather.  The exception to that will be across the central and northern panhandle region where up to 2 inches of snow is currently forecast along with the possibility of near white-out conditions on late Friday into early Saturday as post-frontal winds continue to pound the region.  The really big threat with this next front will be wind chill.  By early Saturday, we’ll likely see wind chills dip into the teens to single digits across much of the panhandle and northwest Texas.  Once the front has fully invaded the northern half of the state, wind chills dipping into the teens and 20s will be likely and we’ll see those chill values continue to drop into the teens as we head into Saturday evening and the overnight hours.  By Sunday morning, once the front has pushed off the coast, residents in central and south Texas will also see wind chills down into the teens and low 20s.  Again, all the rain expected Friday into Saturday should push east of the state by the time the coldest air arrives…so no real threat of ice or snow except across the panhandle…but with subfreezing temps expected as far south as San Antonio by Saturday night, we’ll need to be concerned about pipes freezing.  If you’ve not done so already, take some time over the next couple of days to wrap pipes, make preparations to protect any cold-sensitive outdoor plants, turn off automatic sprinklers and make sure outdoor livestock and pets have adequate shelter, blankets and water.  This will be especially important for residents in the southern half of the state where hard freeze conditions are expected late Sunday into Monday after the cold air as fully settled in over the state.  We will continue update everyone on the latest concerning this next Arctic front as we get closer to the weekend, but for now, just plan to get prepared.  Enjoy the late-week warmth while it lasts…and get ready to hunker down Saturday and Sunday with your favorite hot beverage!

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