Our radar provider released a major update to their product line earlier this week. Some of the changes caused unforeseen issues. We’re working with the developer to resolve any bugs and other issues.

  1. The interactive radar would not load on mobile devices. This issue was discovered yesterday afternoon and was fixed a couple hours later.
  2. The base-map was changed from Google to an open-source solution. We’ve received several emails with valuable feedback on this change. In the coming days, the radar provider will change the base-map back to Google’s mapping solution. This change will allow for the satellite background and will also display smaller city names. Google has instituted a new pricing structure for use of their map software. If this new pricing solution becomes unviable we’ll have to look for a different solution.
  3. Some folks are reporting that the radar is displaying data from Michigan or Nebraska. The ‘start-up state’ of the radar uses your device’s GPS to determine your location. We’ll keep an eye on the radar in the coming days to determine if this is another bug that needs fixing.

I want to thank everyone who has taken the time to send us emails providing feedback on the radar changes. We’re working to ensure it returns to the high-quality you have come to expect.