Just a quick evening update for everyone!  Lot’s of excitement on the radar this afternoon across much of east and southeast Texas and this activity will continue for a few more hours before decreasing in intensity as we begin to lose daytime heating.  A line of strong storms is currently approaching locations south and east of the greater Houston metro area.  This batch of storms is drifting west/southwest at about 20mph.  Damaging winds and torrential rainfall with be the main two threats, so if you’re thinking of heading out this evening, keep an eye out for flooded roadways.  Rain chances for southeast Texas will diminish somewhat overnight, but reappear tomorrow morning as this compact subtropical disturbance continues its journey west hugging the Texas coastline.  Here’s a look at how the radar may play out over the next 18 hours.

Simulated Radar Through Noon Tomorrow


Obviously, rain chances will be higher tomorrow the closer you are to the coast…and sadly this may mean that many 4th of July fireworks shows will end up being cancelled tomorrow for those that live along or near the southeast and central Texas coastline.  The farther north you live, the less chance of rain you’ll see, but many areas across central and southern portions of north central Texas will likely see some pop-up shower activity tomorrow afternoon during peak daytime heating.  As the sun sets, this activity should die off rather quickly with minimal impacts to 4th of July fireworks celebrations.

Last but not least, a friendly reminder to PLEASE obey local ordinances regarding fireworks.  Even if you live in the country where you’re free to shoot them off whenever you like, please consider local drought conditions.  We still have quite a lot of parched areas across the state and the very last thing we need is a fire ignited by someone carelessly playing with fireworks.  Have fun tomorrow but BE SAFE!