Heavy rain across far southeast Texas will be clearing out by mid-afternoon.  After that, we’ll remain dry for the remainder of the weekend and through much of next week as well. As most are painfully aware, many parts of western Texas, including the panhandle region, have been without meaningful rainfall for over 100 days.  We desperately need massive amounts of vertically descending liquid, but it’s just not in the cards for this next week unfortunately.  A cold front is currently moving south through north Texas, but the colder air is lagging behind it. This cold front is not very strong, so we won’t see temperatures plummeting like we did a few weeks ago.  Lows overnight will drop down into the 20s this weekend across the panhandle and western half of the state, but they’ll remain pretty seasonal elsewhere.  Windy conditions behind today’s front will lead to Elevated Fire Weather conditions across much of western north Texas this afternoon.  Wind sustained at 15-20mph and humidity values between 15% and 25% will lead to conditions favorable for the quick spread of grassfires across the region.  As always, please be extra careful with anything that could spark a fire, and do not toss cigarette butts out of your car windows.

Looking Ahead

Our warmest day this coming week will be Wednesday before a much stronger cold front arrives sometime on Thursday.  We’ll have more details on the timing and expected temperature drop as we head into next week, but it does look like we’ll be dealign with temps averaging 10-20 below seasonal normals for a few days after. Snow may be possible for parts of the northern panhandle and OK panhandle on Friday, but that’s still a ways out to be certain.  For the rest of the state, precip is expected to be scant ahead of or behind Thursday’s front with the best chances right now located across east, southeast and coastal regions.  We’ll be keeping an eye on that for the coming week, so be sure to check back for the latest!