An outflow boundary from yesterday’s storms across the DFW metro area has shifted just south of the I-20 corridor.  This boundary is not expected to move much today and should later become the focus for renewed showers and thunderstorms this afternoon and evening.  The good news is that coverage of storms is expected to be less than what we saw yesterday…at least that’s the current thinking.  Regardless of where the best chances for storms are forecast today, it’s always best to keep an eye on the weather as we get into the afternoon hours.  If you see storms forming in your area or begin to hear thunder, take the proper precautions. Similar to yesterday, any of the stronger storms that develop will carry the risk of damaging winds, frequent lightning and isolated heavy downpours.  For areas further south and along the coast, scattered pop-up showers will also be possible this afternoon which should quickly die out after sunset and loss of daytime heating.  As always with pop-up showers, random lightning is typically the main threat along with gusty outflow winds and brief heavy rainfall.

Temps today, once again seasonally hot and humid across much of the state.  While we’re not anticipating any widespread Heat Advisories to be issued, we’ll still see heat index readings topping 100 later this afternoon, especially across the southern half of the state.  This will lead to very uncomfortable conditions for anyone outdoors this afternoon.  Stay hydrated and try to avoid any outdoor work or activities during the heat of the day.