A line of strong thunderstorms currently extends from the D/FW Metroplex south to Waco, Austin, and San Antonio. This line is moving east around 30 MPH. Portions of the line have produced wind gusts of 50 to 60 MPH over the past hour. A majority of the line is producing wind gusts up to 45-50 MPH. Continued progression to the east is expected with the Brazos Valley next up for the squall line. Northeast Texas and East Texas will also be impacted within a couple of hours. Additional flash flooding is possible in Northeast and East Texas where we had issues with flooding on Saturday. An isolated severe weather threat remains possible as the squall line moves east. Damaging wind gusts over 60 MPH are possible with the strongest segments in the line but most folks will get wind gusts of 40-50 MPH. I can’t rule out a brief tornado as wind shear values remain quite strong tonight. If we have any discrete thunderstorms develop ahead of the squall line we’ll have to watch those closely for signs of rotation. Once the leading edge of the squall line moves through light to moderate stratiform rain will continue to fall for a few hours.