A line of strong to severe thunderstorms extends along a Decatur-Mineral Wells-Coleman-Ozona line. Movement continues to be to the east at about 20-40 MPH depending on the specific segment in the line. The storms over North Texas have shown a decrease in intensity over the past 30 minutes with storms now below severe limits. Gusty winds up to 50 MPH, small hail, and frequent lightning are occuring. We’ll have to watch for signs of intensification as storms move east into the D/FW Metroplex. Flooding rains appear to be the most significant threat at this time with rain rates of up to 2 inches per hour ongoing. You don’t need me telling you it won’t take much to start another round of flooding. The southern end of the squall line near San Angelo is stronger with a history of producing 60-70 MPH winds in San Angelo over the past hour. With most instablity in play further south its not a surprise the storms have a bit more of a punch. This line of storms will continue to progress eastward while slowly weakening this evening. Eventually the threat for flooding will become the primary hazard with the entire line.