We’re starting out chilly with a blustery north wind on the north side of a cold front this morning. You’ll know if you’re on the north side because when you walk outside it’ll be chilly out! Folks south of the cold front will be comparatively warmer but will also be cooler today. While the cold front was very strong last night it’ll lose steam later today as return flow begins to bring the warmer weather back north. In fact high temperatures this afternoon will climb into the mid to upper 50s across all of Texas with exception of the Rio Grande Valley, Central, North, and Northeast Texas. The RGV will be warmer with high temperatures in the 60s since it looks like the cold front will fizzle out before reaching the RGV. The remaining regions I mentioned will be on the cooler side of the spectrum with high temperatures in the 40s to around 50 degrees as cold air advection keeps up for most of the day.

Tomorrow will be a completely different story with flat out hot temperatures for early February across the Texas Panhandle and West Texas. Temperatures will skyrocket into the upper 70s across the Texas Panhandle, South Plains, Permian Basin, into West Central Texas. 60s will be commonplace from the Rio Grande Valley northward into Central, Southeast, and North Texas. East and Northeast Texas will still be feeling the remains of cold air advection and will top out in the upper 50s which is still a beautiful day. Saturday will be even warmer with some locations approaching those record high temperatures once again. We’ll be dry into the weekend.