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@AdamLucio @TornadoSteejo capture a damaging #Tornado near Hawley #Texas on May 2, 2024 which threatened to come into #Abilene.

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Texas Storm Chasers


  1. @warlike3934

    My house just got missed by 100 yds in Hawley where it’s tornado dissipated, hail beat the hell out of our vehicles though

    • @philliphall5198

      Dang I’m sorry about your vehicles and happy your house is ok

    • @cathleenparks7061

      We could see it from our backdoor. Glad you are safe.

  2. @lindaharper3053

    Thank you David for keeping my friend in Abilene safe. Her TV is not working .
    I texted her to be in shelter like you said. I’m in Lufkin Tx . I kept her informed and showed her pics of what was going on!!! She lives on the west side of Abilene. I’m watching you on Utube.

    • @axolotlsaber

      Which ones David again

  3. @philliphall5198

    Praying every one is ok and nothing serious has happened ❤

  4. @shilareeves6979

    Things seem to calm here on the South side of Abilene right now. No rain or hail. Just occasional thunder.

  5. @caseygreenberg4788

    I’m in Tye just west of abilene

    • @texasstormchasers

      Very close. People in Tye saw these tornadoes too

  6. @kregen2275

    This was crazy , I had no Idea where it was but all the sirens were going.

  7. @Phorsacarmodles

    This was the first tornado I’ve ever seen in real life. It was both amazing and terrifying

    • @texasstormchasers

      What a wild one to witness

    • @weskerrun4647

      Same here. Hope everyone is okay. The clouds were absolutely beautiful from my point of view near Dyess. Nature is crazy.

  8. @matycee

    for love of god, why record through a rain splattered windshield? what’s the point. afraid to step out of the car two feet and get a clear shot? does ANYONE know how to record these things!!?? Dang. Shouting into the mic, jumping around with the camera, no tripod, zoom in, zoom out, zoom in, zoom out, can’t hold a scene for longer than 5secs…. will SOMEone please let me do the taping?

    • @texasstormchasers

      haha go for it buddy

    • @karenkemmerling7088

      You jump into a storm and do that…leave this to the professionals.

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