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Severe Weather Returns to Texas, and the Risk has Increased for Some

(ALMOST short enough to be a #Short)

Good Thursday evening and happy #TexasDay. Tomorrow (Friday Feb 2) and Saturday will feature some #severe #weather in #Texas. A small area of risk was upgraded to SLIGHT today by the SPC. Thank you to Meteorologist Trey Greenwood @ConvectiveChronicles for the rundown! Watch for Baldy-in-Chief’s morning #txwx roundup tomorrow!


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David Reimer


  1. @Germanzi999

    Do you think greenville TX will get hail

    • @TexasWeatherCenter

      There may be some small hail in the evening hours tomorrow there, but it’s not concerning

  2. @colorfulwater5070

    Thank you, Trey

    • @TexasWeatherCenter

      You’re quite welcome

  3. @katbot2190

    When the brown part was on the map of Texas was that the hail and wind threat? I’m asking because it looked a little close to Lavaca County where I’ll be tomorrow.

    • @TexasWeatherCenter

      Yep that is hail and wind threat!

  4. @EK--ry3lr

    Thanks for posting

    • @TexasWeatherCenter

      No problem!

  5. @JoshMc420

    Your so young i thought you were older

    • @TexasWeatherCenter

      Thank you

    • @LynyrdSkynyrd.4Ever

      ​@@TexasWeatherCenteryou’re so old, I thought you were younger than that…🙂

  6. @cowgirl9925

    Will Sunnyvale tx get any severe weather Sunnyvale tx is in Dallas county a couple of miles outside of downtown Dallas close to mesquite tx of highway 80

    • @TexasWeatherCenter

      Probably nothing severe but there is a small chance Sunnyvale gets strong winds tonight with storms

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