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February 2, 2024 LIVE Texas Tornado Warning Coverage (Haskell)

February 2, 2024 #LIVE #Texas #Tornado coverage from David Reimer and the Texas Storm Chasers

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David Reimer


  1. @astikennel

    “Not on the bingo card” 🤣🤣🤣

    • @ridgerunner9072

      He is so funny and qwerky

  2. @justice0748

    Storm coming through San Angelo now

  3. @ridgerunner9072

    Hey theres the greatest weatherman on earth.

    • @ridgerunner9072

      Yeah B.i.c., you are the best

    • @TexasWeatherCenter

      Awwww thanks!

  4. @shanp132

    I’m north-west of San Antonio, I can hear the storms brewing!! God’s hand be on everyone in the path!

    • @TexasWeatherCenter



    David!!!my man.spinney spinney doom doom!


    Yay you said it!!

  7. @KillingthisLane

    I could of sworn you said there was a small chance of tornado. That it was unlikely well there you go

    • @TexasWeatherCenter

      One storm produced two quick tornadoes. It was definitely still in the realm of a small chance, yet it was still a little shocking to see happen

  8. @4UHarley

    How is Eagle Pass?

    • @TexasWeatherCenter

      All is well

  9. @Paarthurnaxdova

    This is not “Mother Nature”, more like “father government”

    • @peachxtaehyung

      Even if the government could fire up the storms, they cannot produce the other ingredients needed to make tornadoes

  10. @goldrusher7554

    Since the camera WILL follow you, I think you should include a table dance simoultaneously while giving the weather report (during a severe weather outbreak, of course) for best results! C’mon, whats dah mattu wit you???!!🤣🤣

    • @TexasWeatherCenter

      Good suggestion!

  11. @That_girl_caroline2013
  12. @Thlma1947

    Thanks for update. God bless

    • @TexasWeatherCenter

      You bet

  13. @priscillaannyates6989

    I would like to say that yesterday was a FRIDAY not MONDAY… At the beginning of this video and the radar wasn’t coming up you said “ya, ya it’s a Monday for sure….but no it’s FRIDAY….

    • @TexasWeatherCenter

      It was a MONDAY vibe though!

    • @peachxtaehyung

      It was a joke lol

  14. @peachxtaehyung

    Thats crazy how the tornado just came out of nowhere

    • @TexasWeatherCenter

      Yeah it was sudden

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