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As It Happened LIVE: Windthorst and Cross Plains, Texas Tornadoes on May 25, 2024

Live coverage and updates on severe thunderstorms impacting portions of Texas from the @texasstormchasers team…
🔴 Texas Weather Center LIVE

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David Reimer


    • @TheArgiShow

      Please don’t. Weather tracking is NOT a scam. It literally saves lives in these situations.

    • @alphalight1469

      What on earth are you talking about

    • @maggiegraven1314

      ​@@TheArgiShowIT IS VERY MUCH SO A SCAM he is not a meteorologist he is a faker

    • @maggiegraven1314

      @@TheArgiShow NOT AT ALL 😂

  1. @debrabaron1909

    I was timed out for posting on a tornado.
    Weirdo rogue mod.

  2. @LindaBarton777

    Ryan Hall Yall
    Hes on top of it

  3. @brendaskipper2526

    I’m rewatching on the 26th… I’ll stand next to Chief David and TSC Chasers. Chief David opening statements yesterday stated exactly what happened in Texas. Folks, they called it right…folks didn’t listen or regard their experts. So Sad 😢

  4. @charbumar8

    I was in Ponder at a retreat , we never heard sirens. One of the participants husband called her to inform her of weather events .

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