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As It Happened LIVE: Valley View, Pilot Point, Celina, Texas Damaging Tornado Event (May 25, 2024)

LIVE Texas Severe Weather & Tornado Coverage – May 25, 2024 – David Reimer “Baldy-in-Chief”/TSC. #valleyview #texas #texoma #pilotpoint #anna #weston #celina #sanger #forestburg #era

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David Reimer


  1. @leighduncan

    Thanks for talking us through the evening. We were able to help loved ones by sharing info from you.

  2. @sean6969able

    Thx i live in commerce we was scared but you got us though it )

  3. @CATownsend777

    Hate those Tornadoes at night.

  4. @onion6foot

    Who looks out for animals…like at farms and sanctuaries?

  5. @CATownsend777

    First, get a grip. Getting mad doesn’t help. Learn to be calm… Second, you should also add the countiy names as well, like the Flying J in Collin County, or like Anna and Mellisa in Collin County. Helps those who don’t know where these towns are located.

    • @nomaderic

      Or people could have basic level intelligence and look at the screen that shows the map. If you cant read a map you need to go back to 2nd grade

    • @peachxtaehyung

      He wasn’t mad. He was just trying to show the urgency. It was a serious situation. Also he always has the counties at the bottom scrolling

    • @candacelaska5151

      I can’t find Van Alstyne in this map? They must be near all this?

  6. @jules454.

    I really want to thank you. My mom and little sister were home asleep in Melissa. Once the storm got closer they lost the ability to see the news. Your coverage is so much better than anyone on tv anyway. I was able to watch you and give her a play by play while they were in the bath tub. I very sincerely appreciate you!

    • @lucidgoddess

      I agree! This is the ONLY channel I watch for the weather. I am so glad your family is safe! 🩷

  7. @I.Love.My.Border.Collie

    My family was in Sanger and Denton. I was frozen in fear until I heard from them. Thank you for sharing this important information. ❤❤❤

  8. @Masonbailey3210

    I live in Celina the tornado was 2-3 miles away luckily is was in North Carolina

  9. @jannmiles-xg1rh

    You did a masterful job of providing critical information last night. Please thank Jason for his bravery and work. So many of those people on 35 and 75 just didn’t know. Thank you again.

  10. @SixStringSteveDelivers

    Great coverage of the severe weather. We are in a rural area near Ardmore, OK. Thankfully, no crazy weather here yesterday, but it came close. Prayers for all affected in TX and AR.

  11. @trollaltdeleted7148

    1:37:50 You marked my neighborhood. Just south and east of that mark there were houses destroyed.

  12. @mariaspencer8515

    CA family to Van Alstyne Texas family and all texans BE SAFE

  13. @ntx_shep8748

    I live in Valley View of 207, this was no joke.

  14. @mrs.d1591

    Dave you did an OUTSTANDING job last night. !!! Hands down the best Texas weather channel!! I think you saved alot of lives last night. 💜💜

    • @yowhat-mo6xo

      For sure man. I fell asleep pretty early around 9:30. Storms started getting crazy around 11ish. I live right by McKinney and we got a tornado warning.

  15. @GabiKasbee-yr2kd

    I’m so thankful for your channel, one of my closest friends lives about an hour from there, and her family was 30 minutes away from Valley View and the tornado just missed them. The devastation left behind from this tornado was just very sad to see… My thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends who’ve lost loved ones over the course of the tornadoes that had occured last night in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and every state a tornado has hit.

  16. @thefatman1970

    You did a fantastic job last night. I live in Florida but my wife has family in Texas

  17. @thefatman1970

    Have you considered getting radar omega as your main radar app??

  18. @lisaelliott3864

    Yes, thank you for your coverage!

  19. @klikmaus

    I live in Pilot Point. Slept through the tornado, it really caused a lot of damage here in Pilot Point and Valley View.

  20. @JackofMasculinity

    Yall need to remove the live in yalls circle picture icon it can cause confusion when looking up current weather

  21. @thisfool90

    What’s crazy is I had no idea there was a storm coming. I had no idea there was a tornado in route. I live in Celina. I was hanging out with my friend outside and we are watching this storm coming towards us with lots of lightning and I thought it was pretty substantial. It took my friend’s mom who called us from California to say that hey we are going to get a tornado. So we both checked our phones on the radar and I saw the hook, but luckily we were just south of it. Obviously anything’s possible with a tornado so I knew we weren’t out of the blue. We were unscathed just got 80 mph winds . But we had no idea

  22. @jessicaclark1584

    Wow. I’m impressed by this coverage. So much spot on. I’m in Oklahoma and been watching radar/TX news when yall have storms. This was better than some of the actual news coverage I’ve seen

  23. @susiepingleton3614

    I survived it 1 mile west of Preston Rd. Pre-fab home rocked! Noise was unbelievable! Barns destroyed and 3 silos gone! I was praying out loud for God ‘s angels to protect this house! Raging and then dead silence!! Shoes on and Alone!! Kids in storm shelter in Collinsville! On phone! Came and got me out of house! House still standing! Total destruction 1-2 miles from me. Good friends lost everything!! Path of destroyed trees is shocking!!

  24. @jr6281

    I wish I knew about your channel before this event. We were right in the path of this thing.

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