Chances for rain…and most assuredly additional flooding…continues to be the forecast highlight through the end of the work week.  Wednesday looks to be the day with the “least” amount of rainfall before a yet another period of widespread rain returns for Thursday and Friday.  For Wednesday, the areas expected to receive the heaviest rainfall will be across southwest Texas, west central Texas and the western half of north Texas with accumulations averaging between 1-2 inches.  Thankfully it looks like our Hill Country region will see at least a brief reprieve on Wednesday; although that won’t mean much because rainfall upstream will eventually run off and head downstream into already swollen rivers and lakes.  For Thursday, heavier rainfall is expected across the Rio Grande Valley up into the Hill Country region where additional accumulation between 1-2 inches with isolated 3-4 inch totals.  And for Friday, we’ll be looking once again at impacts across much of north central Texas where an additional 1-3 inches will be likely.  By late Friday night into early Saturday, our next cold front will arrive and will do a decent job of scouring out much of the moisture out of the northern half of the state and shunting most of the rainfall south towards the coast.  Unfortunately for the weekend ahead, we won’t be completely rain free as the southern half of the state looks to stay wet with scattered showers expected through most of Saturday ahead of the front as it works it way south.  Sunday looks to be the driest day of the weekend, then our attention will be turned to the possibility of heavy rainfall once again with the potential arrival of yet another tropical disturbance along the Baja peninsula that could bring heavy rain across parts of west, southwest and central Texas by the middle to latter part of next week.  It’s way too soon to know for sure how that will pan out…I repeat, WAY too soon…but we will certainly be keeping our eyes on it as any amount of additional rainfall across central Texas could be quite devastating.