A few more days with chances for rain, then we begin to dry out as we head into the middle of the week.  Chances for rain will exist today along the outflow boundary generated by ongoing storms across western north Texas and Oklahoma.  At this point, outflow from this morning’s storms is expected to splice the DFW metro area into northeast Texas and this is where regeneration of storms is expected at we hit peak heating later this afternoon.  If the boundary gets nudged a bit further south during the early part of today, then we’ll see storms developing just south, southeast and southwest of the DFW metro later today. In a nutshell, location of best rain and thunderstorm chances today will be highly dependent on the eventual location of the outflow boundary as there is little else in the atmosphere to generate the lift needed for storm development. Widespread severe weather is not expected; however, we could see a few stronger storms later this afternoon…especially across portions of northeast Texas…which will carry the threat of damaging downburst winds and frequent lightning.

Simulated Radar Through Midnight

A cold front will ooze into the state tomorrow and wash out across central Texas by Tuesday.  This will take rain chances further south tomorrow with the primary focus across east and southeast Texas.  With the cold front, drier air will be pushed into the northern half of the state which will be a great relief from the humidity we’ve been dealing with since our rainfall this past week.  We’re always happy to have the rain, but it always results in an uptick of humidity values which can make the temps outside during the afternoon miserable to deal with.  When it gets as humid as it’s been this past week, sweat has great difficulty evaporating from our skin which leaves us highly prone to heat related illness.

Temps this week will be hovering around “average” for this time of the year with nothing too extreme in the overall outlook.  We will see temps creep up a bit by the end of the work week ahead, but again, nothing too extreme for this time of the year.