• Very light sleet has been reported in parts of the Houston metro over the last hour. Bush-Intercontinental reported light snow in the hourly weather observation at 7:55 PM. The good news is precipitation rates have been very low, comparable to it sprinkling if the precipitation mode was rain.
  • Light rain or drizzle is being reported in the Rio Grande Valley this evening. McAllen, Weslaco, and Harlingen are reporting rain, but Brownsville is reporting a rain/sleet mix. Temperatures are near or above freezing. The light nature of the precipitation means no accumulations are expected. Travel impacts are not expected.
  • Light sleet and/or snow flurries should continue for a few more hours in parts of Southeast Texas. Radar trends and short-term weather models show that we could see a dusting of snow in spots, but it is unlikely we’ll see anything more. Dry air near the surface is causing most precipitation to evaporate before reaching the surface.
  • Freezing drizzle out in Central/South-Central Texas earlier this evening has ceased. The upper-level lift causing the drizzle earlier has moved far enough east. This same system is producing the light snow in Southeast Texas tonight. With surface temperatures in the 20s any wet bridges will likely have ice, but TxDOT is out treating as necessary.
  • Precipitation chances in Southeast Texas should end by 2-3AM as the upper-level lift moves away and precipitation moves out into the Gulf of Mexico.

Outside of any precipitation tonight it will still be quite chilly. All locations in Texas, with the exception of the immediate coast in the Rio Grande Valley, should see a freeze tonight. Most folks will see a hard freeze with surface temperatures below 28 degrees. These very cold temperatures will continue to cause broken pipes and – and slippery roads if any sprinklers are left on. We began a warm-up on Wednesday. For more about our upward temperature trend head over to my afternoon blog discussion.