Flash flooding continues to be a problem in East Texas. The heaviest rains have moved east of the region for now. Pockets of light rain will continue through lunch. It’ll take several hours for any flood waters to recede. Any additional rain will exacerbate ongoing flooding.

Thunderstorm coverage is increasing across South-Central Texas and the Middle Texas Coast. This activity is moving north/northeast. There have been a few instances of strong wind gusts. These storms are producing 1 to 2 inches of rain per hour. Flash Flood Warnings are in effect for Corpus Christi and surrounding regions. Locations east of San Antonio may have to deal with some flooding issues over the next few hours. This large area of precipitation will move east into the Brazos Valley, Southeast Texas, and East Texas by early afternoon.

Finally we have light to moderate rain falling across western North Texas and in Southwest Texas. This activity will not be severe and should gradually diminish by late afternoon. There will be a break in the rain this afternoon before another round forms tonight.