Other than a couple of storms this evening in the eastern panhandle and a few scattered about western Texas, the state has remained relatively quiet today with hot and muggy conditions across most of the state.  Certainly not feeling much like mid-September when we typically start to see temps cool a bit and rain chances on the uptick.  The good news is that we will see a cold (eh…”cool”…) front arrive across the panhandle and northern Texas this weekend, and it will bring us increasing rain chances late Friday through Sunday.  The bad news is that this front will stall across north central Texas, thus keeping any chance of a cool down…slight though it may be…confined to the northern portions of the state.  And looking at the long-range forecasts earlier today, it seems we’re going to be stuck in this hot and humid weather pattern for at least another 7-10 days as high pressure continues to dominate not only our state, but parts of the southern plains as well.


For tonight…warm and muggy once again with lows in the low to mid 70s across most of the state.  Less humid areas of the panhandle and far western Texas will see lows drop down into the mid to upper 60s. Parts of far west Texas in and around El Paso will see rain chances continue into the overnight hours, but everywhere else should remain quiet.  Widespread areas of fog will also be an issue across the coastal and inland counties tomorrow morning with ample moisture in place overnight.  Highs tomorrow, hot again with plenty of muggy air to keep us feeling more like it’s still August rather than mid-September.

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The aforementioned cold front will begin moving into the panhandle Friday evening and will make it to the Red River counties by Saturday evening.  The front will likely not make it very far into north central Texas until Sunday when it’s expected to stall out somewhere near or just south of the DFW metro area. Rain and thunderstorms are expected to develop ahead of the front across the southeastern panhandle into northwestern Texas by tomorrow evening.  The Storm Prediction Center has placed all of the panhandle, northwest Texas and parts of far western Texas under a Marginal Risk of severe storms tomorrow afternoon.  Most storms should remain below severe criteria, but a couple could become severe with gusty winds, frequent lightning and heavy downpours.  Folks planning on attending Friday night football games here will want to keep an eye on the forecast tomorrow evening for any local threats of strong or severe storms.