Mostly clear skies, comfortable humidity levels and pleasant temps will be the theme for today.  Perfect for fishing, camping, hiking or just about any other type of outdoor activity you can think off.  I also have a sneaking suspicion that this might be one of the last very pleasant weekends we have until next fall, as we usually see a pretty rapid increase in temps and humidity levels about this time of year.  We still have lots of rain and some storms in the forecast next week…which is another reason to get out this weekend and get the yard work done.  For today’s highs, looks like 80s across much of the state with plenty of sunshine and just a light breeze.  Surface winds are coming around from the south again, which will start to draw up Gulf moisture once again, but we’ll still see very pleasant humidity levels today and it won’t feel too clammy and sticky to be outdoors.  Lows tonight will range from the upper 50s to low 60s for most of the state.  Nice sleeping weather if you’re planning a campout for tonight!

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Still monitoring the rain and storm chances for next week as an upper level system moves into the western states and stirs up the atmosphere across west Texas early next week and into central and north Texas by mid week.  There’s still some uncertainty as to what we’ll be looking at in terms of severe weather.   We typically have to get a bit of clearing and surface heating to support instability, and with extensive cloud cover and widespread scattered rain predicted, that may preclude the development of much in the way of severe storms.  We’ll keep our eyes on it and keep you up to date on the latest as this forecast continues to evolve.

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