Sleet has changed over to heavy snow across the western half of the D/FW Metroplex. Near blizzard conditions are occuring. Based on current trends all of D/FW should change over to snow by midnight. On average we’ll see 1 to 4 inches of snow but some locations could pick up a quick 6 inches of snow under the heaviest bands. We still expect activity to exit D/FW by 2 AM but by then the damage will be done. The good news is we’ll see a sunny Thursday but temperatures should take their time getting above freezing (but they will).

Temperatures have fallen to freezing in Waco an drain is changing over to sleet. Roads will likely start accumulating sleet and becoming slick. The freezing line continues to move south and our next stop will be Austin which should happen around midnight if not a bit after.

Sleet is increasing across Northeast Texas where temperatures are below freezing. Significant sleet and snow accumulations are expected tonight across all of Northeast Texas and roads will go downhill overnight.

Rain continues across East Texas where temperatures are in the upper 30s. We’ll see a changeover to sleet/freezing rain after midnight with some accumulations and travel impacts possible. We’ll likely see a few heavier bands set up and that’s where we’ll see the more substantial accumulations.

Snow has mainly ended across West Texas and the Texas Panhandle although gusty north winds will make blowing snow a hazard.