The western edge of the snow (the back edge) extends from Childress south to Aspermont to Abilene. The back edge of the snow, along with the snow over North Texas, is moving east. We’ll likely start to see snow intensities decrease across the D/FW Metroplex by noon. Light snow is expected to continue in the D/FW Metroplex through 3 PM but accumulations will be minor. The damage has been done though with dozens of accidents reported and interstates being shut down in Fort Worth. The reason we have these road issues are because temperatures are in the low 20s. These low temps have allowed snow to quickly and easily accumulate on surface roads. I’m not going to dive into all the issues going on right now travel-wise because the local media is doing a good job of that. I’ll simply post updates on the precipitation-aspect of the system and timing.


We’ve already seen the main event in the D/FW Metroplex in all likelihood. We had the rather impressive burst of snow enter about two hours ago and now we’re down to more of a lighter snow. While we generally have seen the 1 to 2 inches of snow accumulation the main issue lies with the cold surface temperatures. Snowfall rates have already come down quite a bit from earlier. That doesn’t really mean much considering the condition of roads, but the worst is over. Now we just have to get the remaining light snow out of the area. We believe that will happen over the next two hours as we go from a steady snow down to snow flurries. Temperatures will remain in the low/mid 20s and road conditions are not expected to improve. There is just so much traffic out right now that roads are gridlocked and road crews can’t treat many areas as efficiently as they could otherwise do. Hopefully we can get these roads cleared off and road crews will be able to get them treated and plowed. That’s why I’m glad most kids are being held in school right now. No point in having them stuck out on the roads because that’s what they would be right now.

This winter weather event is past the peak and starting to wind down. The impacts will continue to be quite significant all day across the D/FW Metroplex. Another round of light wintry precipitation is expected to develop this evening across North Texas. This precipitation will be very light but will be in the form of freezing rain or freezing drizzle. This freezing drizzle will deposit a thin layer of ice on everything, including roads, tonight across D/FW. The worst road conditions will be tonight when not only is there snowy roads but icy ones too.