The magical orb in the sky made its presence known on Thursday across most of Texas except for folks along the coast or in the Rio Grande Valley. Today everyone will get to bask in the sun as temperatures quickly climb into the 60s today across all of Texas. Sky conditions will be partly cloudy to crystal clear as the jet stream has lifted north and left us in a quiet pattern. Winds today will generally be out of the south or southwest at 5-15 MPH with a few higher gusts in the Concho Valley northwest into the Panhandle today and tonight. No precipitation chances of concerns today and this is going to be an absolutely picture-perfect Friday. It doesn’t get much better than this in January!


As I said temperatures will quickly climb into the low to mid 60s across all of Texas this afternoon. From a 61 in Brownsville, Corpus Christi, and Austin up to 64 in Abilene and Amarillo we won’t see much variety in temperatures today. I hope you’re able to go out and enjoy this warm weather because it won’t last forever (we’re still in January after all).


Low temperatures tonight will be about 3-5 degrees warmer than this morning as south winds stay up a bit tonight. The Panhandle will drop down to around 30 degrees with 41 in Abilene and Waco to around 40 in both D/FW, Tyler, and Houston. Skies will be crystal clear across all of Texas tonight for anyone planning to do a bit of star-gazing. Being used to the city I’m always amazed with the views the rural areas of our beautiful state have during the nighttime hours. I’ve spent many nights driving home after a chase gazing out at the stars.