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Mother’s Day Flooding and Severe Storms for Texas

Several regions in Texas will not have good weather for Mother’s Day. Numerous showers and thunderstorms will occur this morning and again on Monday. The threat of dangerous and impactful flooding has increased across the Piney Woods of East Texas, the eastern Brazos Valley, and parts of Southeast Texas.

In addition, we may see a few storms become severe with large hail, damaging winds, and a low tornado threat. One round of precipitation will occur today, a quick lull late tonight, followed by another active day tomorrow. Monday night through Tuesday should be much less active, but that break will be short-lived. Let’s discuss it in a special Sunday edition of the Texas Weather Roundup.

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David Reimer


  1. Robin Harrington Brady

    Our ground is still saturated in Bosque County and a downpour just started. Flooding around Clifton canceled church last Sunday. Hoping we don’t get a repeat.

  2. Ashley Carter

    I’ve heard nothing but all this rain we are supposed to get in spring branch and here we are with nothing again. Just an annoying drizzle.

    • Denise Cortez

      Ashley Carter where are you?

  3. Dee Ortega

    Who care and again it not affect us damn government needs stop fng around. It be way north Houston again we won’t get shit it be hot ass summer now w no rain watch weather Channel it accurate tbh. So who cares move on

  4. Ravens Moon Fòlkvangr

    HUGE thunder and small drizzle at Lake Brownwood at 8:30am

  5. Shaina Nicole Cope

    Bro it’s hailing bad in Killeen tx

  6. Lindsay Helen

    Holy hail in Harker Heights

  7. Datha Ledbetter

    My fav kind of weather, Rain and thunder storms

    • Stefan Hartman

      Datha Ledbetter Hello, i really find your profile interesting and would genuinely love to be your friend. I’m really impressed with your profile and personality. I’ve tried several times to add you here on Facebook, but it’s not working. I’ll be so glad if you can just click into my profile and send me a friend request, but if you find this message embarrassing please pardon my manners. Thanks, best wishes

  8. KT Marguerite

    HUGE storm in Bell county!

  9. Brittany Greenwood

    Golf ball sized hail in South Temple 🥲 and some heavy rain.

  10. Brian Brobeck Jr.

    All these flood events and still barely any measurable rain in and around Fort Worth. Maybe a quarter inch today at best. It’s really bizarre that 100% of the heavy rains miss us by a hundred miles or more. I haven’t seen a significant rain event since I moved to Fort Worth 3 years ago. I feel like my area is a different planet than the rest of Texas that seems to have a lot of flooding.

  11. Jackie Hazzard Weber

    Your doing a great job, Always going to a bad apple in the bunch, you can only help us ,stay alert,
    God is in control 🙏

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