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Severe storms becoming more likely tonight!

Severe thunderstorms are becoming more likely this afternoon through early Thursday morning across the eastern Texas Panhandle, Northwest Texas, the Big Country, and western North Texas. Initial severe storms are expected to develop in the eastern Texas Panhandle over the next few hours. They’ll likely become intense supercells with giant hail (softball size, perhaps larger), localized damaging wind gusts over 70 MPH, and a few tornadoes possible. Those storms will congeal into a cluster that begins racing southeast this evening into Northwest Texas, the Big Country, and into western North Texas late tonight. There is the potential for a destructive wind event, with localized hurricane-force winds of 75 to 100 MPH. Wind-driven hail is also possible. Storms *may* make it into parts of Central Texas and the Brazos Valley tomorrow morning, but they’ll be weakening if they make it that far southeast. This remains an uncertain forecast, but with the potential for significant severe weather impacts this evening.

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