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As It Happened LIVE: Midland, Texas Area Tornadoes, Numerous TX Severe Storms (May 30, 2024)

Live coverage and updates on severe thunderstorms impacting portions of Texas from the @texasstormchasers team…

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David Reimer


  1. @crystaphaze

    Happy Birthday 🎉 Thank you for being with us today

    • @TexasWeatherCenter


  2. @isortaunderstand

    I’ve been feeling really scared recently, but your updates make me feel a bit safer. thanks <3

  3. @LazuliRose

    Just so you know the Denver City Super Cell 100% produced softball sized hail at the very beginning. Pretty good damage to infrastructure 😬 Nothing to bad but gave us a major scare wind and lightning wasnt that present at all just violent hail weirdly

    • @LazuliRose

      O yeah also my uncle told me that the MAF(Midland) funnel went over his head in odessa before the storm got sucked in by that other front which ironically my sister has her vehicle at the airport and comes home today😂 and the tornado headed directly towards my mothers home in the odessa souther rural area almost hit her and my sister🫠

  4. @iamcaroline8528

    Still praying for Texas #injesusname for PEACE BE STILL… My son was brutally assaulted by Dallas L.E.O. during an arrest on the 31st WITH the #tornado reminding me of the crown of thorns on Christ & GEORGE FLOYD during the Covid19 #lockdown 😮 so sad but if that’s the evil going on in TX we can expect more Natural Disaster God’s not dead. Praying for the children and families if these Law Enforcement Officers who commit these evils…. #texas is JUST A EVIL STATE 😢

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