Zonal flow at the mid and upper levels will provide a barrier against any intrusions of cold air through the weekend ahead making it a very warm start for November.  A cold front will try to push into the panhandle and northern Texas on Friday, but it won’t make much headway before lifting back off to the north.  Temps will really heat up for the rest of this week and into the weekend with daily highs a good 10-20 degrees above average for early November…especially for areas west of the dryline.  Once this morning’s rain moves out of east and southeast Texas later this afternoon, we’ll remain dry through the weekend.  Gusty west winds and low humidity values for areas west of the dryline today and tomorrow will lead to elevated fire weather conditions, so continue to be careful with anything that could cause a spark or flame.  At this point, it looks like our next cold front will arrive by early to mid-week next week which will then knock temps back down to where they should be. We’ll have more out on that later this week once the details and timing become more clear.  Until then…enjoy wearing those shorts and t-shirts in November!