Sorry for the quiet blog. I made it out to Shamrock, TX in the Panhandle before deciding to turn back home to cover things online instead. Jenny is out chasing in the northern Panhandle and we should see some awesome pictures from her later. Current focus is on two strong supercells across the northwest Texas Panhandle. The first storm is over Stratford with a threat of baseball size hail and a tornado. That storm is moving southeast at 30 MPH. A second severe storm is located 5 miles north/northwest of Dalhart and is also moving southeast at 30 MPH. This storm is weaker compared to the Stratford cell at this point with a threat of hail up to the size of golfballs. This storm will directly impact or skirt just north of Dalhart. I anticipate these storms will continue – or possibly form into a cluster of storms that moves southeast across the Texas Panhandle this evening. Those downstream of these storms should keep an eye to the sky and don’t be surprised if additional storms form. I’ll keep you updated but you can also watch the storms using our free interactive weather radar.