So far this afternoon, the cap has remained fairly stout over north central and northeast Texas with little in the way of storm development south of the Red River.  North of the Red River, that’s a completely different story with multiple tornado warnings still in effect, and at least one very strong and damaging tornado reported just after 4pm between Davis and Wynnewood, OK.  For Texas… we still have at least some threat of isolated severe storm development across the eastern half of the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex and across northeast Texas over the next couple of hours, especially up along the counties bordering the Red River. The threat for this is not super great, but the atmosphere above the cap remains volatile enough that if a storm can manage to break through the cap, it could quickly become severe with a large hail, damaging wind and tornado threat.  Significant severe weather similar to what’s going on across Oklahoma is not expected south of the Red River…but do be wary of any storm that quickly develops and becomes severe over the next couple of hours as it could pack a punch.

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