Date:  16 May 2017

  • Chasers: Paige Burress, David Reimer
  • Location: South of McLean, TX


Texas Storm Chasers’s David Reimer and Paige Burress documented a tornado south of McLean, Texas on May 16, 2017. This tornado occurred around 4:45 PM and lasted several minutes. Notice the cool multiple-vortex structure in the zoomed in shots. Our perspective was from Highway 273 about 6 miles south of Interstate 40. As the RFD wrapped around the tornado became rain-wrapped. We moved north to Interstate 40. The tornado roped out moments later in photogenic fashion for those south of the circulation. This storm went on to produce a significant tornado near Wheeler which we will document in a later video. We also made it east for the Elk City, OK tornado later in the evening.

The map will display the approximate location of this chase (town). It should not be used for specific location information.


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