Date:  28 March 2014

  • Chaser: Paige Burress, David Reimer
  • Location: Near Ferris, TX


Texas Storm Chasers’s David Reimer and Paige Burress ended up on a local chase just south of the D/FW Metroplex on Friday March 28, 2014. They observed a supercell thunderstorm from Waxahachie northeast to Ferris. The storm did develop a rotating wall cloud east of Ferris for a few moments but otherwise weak low level shear kept storms from becoming tornadic. High instability values and supportive bulk shear did allow the strongest storms to produce very large hail. We ended up coring one of the weaker storms as we were heading back to I-45 in Ferris from the east. We ended up getting a hail dump with mainly nickels but a few stones were up to 1.25″ (Half Dollars). Considering we were 20 minutes from my house and were home by 5:30 PM this was a fun local chase. Paige ended up testing her new amazing awesome indestructible hail helmet! In reality it’s just a plastic toy helmet I found in my garage. It goes without saying we wouldn’t have played outside in the hail if it was much larger. It was a fun local chase!

The map will display the approximate location of this chase (town). It should not be used for specific location information.


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