Date:  26 April 2015

  • Chaser: David Reimer
  • Location: near Dublin, TX


The video begins with a brief tornado east of Rising Star, Texas. The video begins after the already weak tornadic circulation is dissipating. You’ll note the strong motion in the cloud base above the dust cloud. The second and third section in the clip contains footage of the same supercell as it crosses Highway 36 northwest Comanche. The fourth section is of the storm as it approaches Highway 377 near Proctor. At the time of this writing, I’m unable to confirm that was actually a tornado back in the rain. Sections five through seven contain hail footage and the resulting aftermath in Dublin. The final clip containing a timelapse is as the storm approaches Glen Rose in a weakened state. I continued the chase into Johnson County later that evening as a separate supercell produced multiple tornadoes.

The map will display the approximate location of this chase (town). It should not be used for specific location information.


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