Date:  22 April 2011

  • Chaser: David Reimer
  • Location: Near Byars, Oklahoma


This was a day that consisted of several supercells that produced wall clouds and large hail. The real show of the day ended up being a short duration high precipitation supercell near Byars, Oklahoma. I ended up filming a rather potent tornado southwest of town. The storm later produced additional brief tornadoes but none of them came close to the first one! The video quality isn’t great due to the low light conditions along with a wet RFD but I was able to pull a surprise tornado out of the bag! This tornado occurred about a mile southwest of Byars, Oklahoma as I filmed from Highway 133. This tornado began its life at 6:45 PM and lasted four minutes traveling just half a mile. As the video shows the tornado had violent rising motion and I have little doubt it was capable of producing significant damage. It did not impact any structures and was rated an EF-1 based on the damage. Byars is located in McClain County in Central Oklahoma and is about 15 miles northeast of Pauls Valley.

The map will display the approximate location of this chase (town). It should not be used for specific location information.


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