Texas Storm Chasers

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Mission Statement

Your trusted source for no-bull Texas weather information since 2009. We provide down-to-earth and easy-to-understand statewide and local weather updates during periods of active weather. Our followers can enjoy many helpful educational articles and summaries of past storm chases and weather events. We are here to help our followers understand and appropriately respond to Texas’ ever-changing weather conditions.



Texas Storm Chasers came to life in early 2009. Two amateur storm chasers were looking for a domain name to showcase their (admittedly novice) storm chasing footage. After an exhaustive search, we elected to purchase the ‘TexasStormChasers’ domain. We wanted a few simple web pages to showcase our storm-chasing pictures and videos.

Meet Our Team

David Reimer


Jason Cooley

Director of Content; Meteorologist

Jenny Brown

Weather Writer; Storm Chaser

Chelsea Burnett

Public Speaker; Storm Chaser

Trey Greenwood

Meteorologist; Storm Chaser

Adam Lucio

Storm Chaser

Alex Bartholomew

Storm Chaser

Ben McHone

Storm Chaser

Brett Wright

Storm Chaser

Stephen Jones

Storm Chaser

Ryan Sheff

Weather Support Team

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