Your Local Weather

254 Counties in Texas. We made unique weather pages for each one.

Large cities have all the weather information they could want, but rural areas are unjustly ignored. That’s why we created Your Local Weather pages. Our weather pages provide a hub of local and accurate weather information for every county in Texas.

We have 254 counties in our state and that’s how many pages we individually created. Data provided is specific for each county seat including current conditions, an upcoming forecast, and weather information useful to the local community. Forecaster reasoning, hazardous weather outlooks, severe weather outlooks, upcoming rain totals, and more features are all also included with each page. We know your smartphone weather app will tell you the forecast at the tap of a button, so that is why we’ve included features and information you would otherwise know nothing about. If you find a broken link, bug, or have a suggestion on a new feature please shoot us a note!

Our ‘Your Local Weather’ section will be undergoing a renovation/upgrade beginning mid-March.

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