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Texas Weather: Tropical System (Alberto?) Arrives Tonight & Wednesday

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David Reimer


  1. @joelhenderlong9602

    I hope we get obliterated with rain here in the Canyon lake area. Our lake is so low.

  2. @amsohn1

    Morning Sunshine, blessings to y’all… thanks for all yall do! ❤


    You can call me Al.

  4. @Wingman115

    Good stuff stay informed stay safe.

  5. @dawnelliott7363

    Fertilizer has been laid in the garden. I’m ready for rain!

  6. @cosmogirl8713

    Appreciate the update even if we don’t get any rain up here at least the cloud cover will feel cool..

  7. @christopherspurlock3563

    I saw models hinting at another system like this one next week but tracking more north and possibly stronger. Is this true?

    • @christopherspurlock3563

      As soon as I asked he said it. Thanks! Lol


    Let’s pretend this is only rain, oh sure.

  9. Anne Seidensticker


  10. Rita Warner

    Prayers for that big rain to skip Texas coast and dump on New Mexico fires!!!

    • John Walter

      Rita Warner hello

  11. Joey Hinojosa

    Dinora Gonzalez

  12. Cyndi Tidwell Waltman

    Bart Waltman your flight should be able to get here before the worst of the weather arrives..

  13. Susan Reinarz

    Will this impact the Galveston and Houston area?

    • John Kelch

      Susan Reinarz Watch ch 13 .2 or 11

    • Lo Kindred

      Susan Reinarz yes.

    • Sue Blank

      Susan Reinarz yes I just saw justin on 2 say a few bands nothing nasty

    • Dee Ortega

      Susan Reinarz tbh not much watch weather Channel chances rain less than local media saying

    • Susan Reinarz

      I do not live in that area so don’t get local news there.

  14. Martha Sanderson

    Will this get bad in McKinney Texas. And at what time

    • Meg Heimer Hunt

      Martha Sanderson You’re North of Dallas- It doesn’t look like this will really affect you.

    • Rocky Jean Rockenhaus

      Martha Sanderson they even took away our chance of rain

  15. Rick Richter

    We need the rain!

    • Sue Blank

      Rick Richter we don’t not this much

  16. Mickey Foss

    Humidity, winds and 83 degrees in Denton, Tx! ☕️☕️🐶🌬️💕🦎🐦‍⬛👋

  17. Matt White

    Was hoping the rain amounts in the Conroe area would stay high so I could turn my sprinklers off for a week. The hill country does need it bad.

    • Tom Richter

      Matt White Media and Canyon Lakes need 10-20” on their river systems.

    • Dee Ortega

      Matt White not likely

  18. Mitchell Autry

    If they would just stop the cloud seeding we might get lot of rain just pray they will stop and let God do his job🙏🙏🙏🙏

  19. Tereasa Kitchens

    no thanks…you can keep him…

  20. Paul Garcia

    All those southern texas creeks about to be filled up

  21. Robert Fox

    Corpus christi lake needs the rain

  22. Jarret Hyde

    Good. A portion of the state that didn’t need the rain was going to get it, now the parts that really do will get some or most of the beneficial rain.

    • Rusty Webb

      Jarret Hyde amen, South of San Antonio and to the west/southwest hasn’t seen squat for rain like the eastern half of the state

  23. Tom Richter

    Bet this is a nothing burger.

  24. Tresa Langley

    Ok… I gotta ask…. What is the difference in a hurricane and a cyclone? I keep seeing this is a cyclone

    • Rusty Webb

      Tresa Langley Cyclone is just the scientific name, it’s used in the Pacific Ocean/Japan/Asia as primary term for what Americans know more commonly as the name Hurricane.

    • Tresa Langley

      Rusty Webb Thank you!! that’s what I thought. Why are they suddenly calling it a cyclone. Seems like it’s the first time I have heard them call a hurricane a cyclone.

  25. Ravens Moon Fòlkvangr

    What about Blob?

  26. Jerry Price

    College Station ( .5-1″) ………

  27. Ashlee Lockhart

    Kaitlynn Delagarza

  28. Eileen Rouke

    Is this storm going to have enough push to get past that dry line east of Alpine?

    • Carey Kelley

      Eileen Rouke oh please oh please

    • Eileen Rouke

      Carey Kelley right?

  29. Janell Piña-Gobea

    My daughter is leaving Thursday morning for a work conference in SPI, Traveling from Austin- what does her travel look like?
    Worried mom here 😫😫

  30. Leanne McCumber

    Thank you from Sinton, Texas about helping to keep us informed and in the loop!!

  31. Teresa Mariscal

    Elvira M. Esparza 🤣

    • Elvira M. Esparza

      Teresa Mariscal he’s coming at full force!! Lord, save us!!!

    • Teresa Mariscal

      Elvira M. Esparza talk to my compadre que se calme🙌

  32. Teresa Mariscal

    Elvira M. Esparza 🤣

    • Elvira M. Esparza

      Teresa Mariscal he’s coming at full force!! Lord, save us!!!

    • Teresa Mariscal

      Elvira M. Esparza talk to my compadre que se calme🙌

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