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Is A Summer Cool Front Bringing Storms to Texas This Weekend?

Scattered thunderstorms made a ruckus with strong winds and hail up to the size of goofballs (and golfballs) in the Texas Panhandle and West Texas yesterday afternoon. A surprise was that storms persist into the early morning hours today, but rain is good, and the more we get, the better in areas that need it. We may see isolated storms again today. However, there is a higher chance for storms to return Saturday afternoon into Saturday night across the western third of Texas.

Not as Hot Front arrives Sunday & Monday

Triple-digit afternoon temperatures (actual, heat index, or both) are expected across Texas today and Saturday. A weak ‘not as hot front’ will bring temperatures down in the Panhandle on Sunday and across the northern third to the northern half of Texas on Sunday and Monday. Scattered thunderstorms will be possible across the northern half of Texas Sunday evening through Tuesday. Some storms may be strong with hail, gusty winds, and locally heavy rainfall. The upcoming storms appear much more ‘summer-like’ versus our spring-time mayhem, but they could still pack some punch.


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