The ‘day after tomorrow’ severe weather outlook from the Storm Prediction Center. Don’t pay too much attention to exactly where the risk lines are drawn. If you’re within or near any risk – that’s your sign to pay attention to the weather today and/or tonight.

What's Your Risk?

Learn more about the five-level risk scale utilized by the Storm Prediction Center and fellow reputable sources of weather information across the United States. 

Meteorological Discussion from the Storm Prediction Center


Dive deeper into the severe weather threat with a hazard-specific probability graphic. The probability graphic depicts the chance of severe weather occurring within 25 miles of any given point (such as your home).


The outlook on day 3 combines all forms (tornado, wind, and hail) into a single black hatched area for a 10% or higher significant-severe risk. In addition, for tropical cyclones (hurricanes, tropical storms, and depressions), the outlook on day 3 allows a 5% total severe probability to be a level two (SLGT) risk because they are specifically tornado-driven. For a more detailed explanation on the severe weather outlook risk scale click here.