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LIVE BRIEFING: Brownwood, Texas Supercell & Forecast Discussion {JC}

Live update on Brownwood TX storm and a look at tonight and tomorrow for additional severe weather.

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David Reimer


  1. @susanstrange3436

    The weather is really changing. I have never seen so many tornadoes in our country. We are already above average. Do you think it’s due to the earth tilting ?? We’ve been lucking here in San Antonio. Thanks for all your updates. 😊

    • @aimsworth

      Is it? 2015 had 258 … and the average has been declining yearly since then.

    • @kodyharris4834

      This year doesn’t seem particularly different in terms of severe weather during an El Nino year. Been rough times but doesn’t seem more than normal

    • @Paarthurnaxdova

      The elites have been controlling the weather for decades. They will destroy the earth and blame it on Mother Nature. It’s genocide

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