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As It Happened LIVE: Temple, Texas Tornado and 100mph Winds on May 22, 2024

Live coverage and updates on severe thunderstorms impacting portions of Texas from the @texasstormchasers team…

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David Reimer



    I pray everyone is safe ✝️🕊️❤️

  2. @iamdd2159

    Boy it got hairy here…storm shelter best investment… Love & Light to all💜

  3. @lawnmowermanTX

    Be Alert!! Watch Your Back!! Get the dogs and cats!!

  4. @aprilchronister9980

    Oh geez, daughter & her hubby were out early yesterday due to pregnancy complications; I hadn’t checked with her later-she was tired & getting their kiddos down for bed-alot happened weather wise I hadn’t known😳in their area…no txt or call usually means all is ok; Iam txtg rn tho! I’ll watch & see what is expected (TH) for today!

  5. @jazer3257

    your report was accurate 5 minutes after you mentioned temple it came at 630PM

  6. @kendallkinsey3651

    I always watch your lives, its how I get my info when weather hits. I’m one of “those” people that usually stand around outside watching. I sent the kids into our washroom to put their shoes and helmets on etc. and I went to the back porch, while listening to you talk on my computer. I watched the shelf cloud as it moved into our neighborhood, I’ve never seen it get so dark outside so fast, and knew by your tone this was serious. More so than usual and decided to take cover with the kids. We ended up taking the F2 tornado in West Temple. It was insane and I’m glad I heeded your warnings. Thank you for everything you do!

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