Welp, so much for the nice new @CYBERPOWERPC we received yesterday for live streams and video editing.

EVGA GeForce 2080TI is DOA with the dreaded artifact/space raiders - BSOD bug. Guess Nvidia hasn't squashed that yet. Hopefully the CyberPower phone support team is helpful.

946PM: A mean little storm has popped up on the north side of Amarillo. It is producing quarter to half-dollar size hail as it moves off to the east. #phwx #txwx

912PM: A severe storm is crossing Highway 62 between Hobbs and Seminole. It should pass just northwest of Seminole as it moves northeast, but a heads up to those on 385 between there and Seagraves. Large hail is occurring. #txwx

RADAR: https://t.co/IAbWyrlPss

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